We at Duuzra Love Technology.

We Love Creating Engagement.

And We Love Providing Exceptional Service For our Clients all over the Globe.

Duuzra is a Content Sharing and Engagement Technology delivering valuable data for Live & Virtual Events, Sales Meetings, Training and Marketing Distribution.

We aim to simplify our client’s lives by providing a Single Piece of Enterprise Software that delivers valuable data, as well as reduces the need for multiple, separate application providers.

A few of our clients


The Duuzra Mission

“To deliver high-value business insights from digital communication & interactive content.”

A team effort

We believe that the successful use of Duuzra is a fusion of the right software and the right service team members to help implement it. From our network of Teams & Offices around the globe, we combine innovative, high quality software with the human touch to assist our clients get the best use from it.

Our Sectors

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Career Opportunities

Duuzra is far more than presentation software — it is a content delivery platform which allows the user to easily create and transfer material for use in a variety of applications including sales, marketing events and training. We are looking for people to help us grow our company. Please see below the career opportunities that we currently have available.

Business Development
London, Greater London
Business Development
Raleigh, North Carolina
We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to join our team. Even if we don’t have a position open for you today, we might tomorrow!

Please click below to send us your resume and we will contact you soon.
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