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Updated functionality and data capabilities.


Athena 1.0 is now live.

You now have full access to a range of updated functionalities.

Looking to build a business case based on common questions asked? Perhaps you would like to feed all sales and event meeting notes back into the marketing department to follow up on?

A confidential industry requires the ability to ask, and answer the questions in a confidential manner.

Enter anonymous mode.

There have been a few requests in regards to audience confidentiality, particularly for when you are hosting an event and wish to gather honest, insightful data based on your audiences Qs & As. 

With Athena 1.0, your audience can now ask anonymous questions, and autosave all meeting and presentation notes and have them sent directly to their email.

You will recieve all data, with the ability to track opens, measure engagement and recieve insights into your most popular content.

Ask a question

Enable anonymous mode to gather real-time, honest engagement, and push content control at your will.

The real question is not how much time you put into creating your content, but how well your content delivered, and moreover, did it lead to action? A handshake? A deal?

Content control is now on lockdown: Gather the big data, ask the big questions and stay on top of the game.

Athena’s newest release includes the following functionalities:

- Master tablet 'Force anonymous' mode option, ensuring total confidentiality at all events.
- The power of the pause: Push content control command will now pause when the ‘ask a question box’ is open, unless interaction is pushed (ie forms, polls, etc.), giving you greater control over your content, timings and interaction.
- Auto-refresh option for the master at any given time.

Capture all notes.

Real-time note-taking leads to real-time insights, and once the meeting is over, you’ll want to ensure your content continues to deliver.

Have all personal notes made against a presentation emailed out, with the ability to download in PDF format.

Not only does this help you to meet your sustainability pledge by reducing the need for paper, it also helps you to track, follow up on and gain crucial insights on exactly who was engaged during your presentation.

Athena notes functionalities include:

- The power of the pause: All push content control commands now pause when the notes feature is open, unless interaction is pushed (ie forms, polls, etc.)
- Notes autosave if the user clicks away from the notes box
- Notes autosave if the user is pushed to interactive content (ie forms, polls, etc.)

Athena 1.0 Interactive Polls


Athena 1.0 is now live.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider what’s possible in the new and updated Athena software. 

We have a Duuzra of ‘how to videos’ available for all of our existing clients which we will be releasing online over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the feature updates below.

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