Imagine the scenario where a customer is abandoning his/her online shopping cart. You don’t understand why this is happening, but if you could see the abandonment rates together with data on shipping rates, you might come to the realization that by lowering the shipping rates, the abandonment rate would decrease, and boom, more customers to you! data intelligence

Data intelligence is defined as the analysis of various forms of data in such a way that it can be used by companies to expand their services or investments. Data intelligence can also refer to companies’ use of internal data to analyze their own operations or workforce to make better decisions in the future”.  

Data intelligence is essential.

  • It can potentially grow your revenue
  • Makes you understand your customer and enables you to predict upcoming trends
  • Help you understand internal processes

Event data intelligence

You have most likely heard some of the common terms used such as tracking, clicks, analysis, and big data. Most people strive to derive truly actionable insights from the extreme amount of data that can be collected. Some data may be tracked from the websites and social media, some from the sales orders and the other from the inventory reports. Understanding how all these different types of data are linked together can be hard, but as soon as you understand how to integrate your data you have the key to business growth.

How to collect useful data during your next event or meeting

The data collected from your events or meetings can be used in the same way by setting up a comprehensive set of data touch points (polls, feedback forms, collaborative team exercises) around your event or meeting. This way you could have a lot of lovely data and concrete information about your event, what happened, what people really engaged with, what they didn’t and their overall satisfaction level. The best thing is, you can do all of this whilst making life easier for your attendees, by making it a natural part of your digital presentation.

How Duuzra Analytics can help you make the right decisions

At Duuzra we track and record every click, tap and swipe to provide unprecedented insight into how people are interacting with your material.

Our clients are using the Event Analytics gathered before, during and after the event to:

  • Target their communication post event
  • Understand the interests of prospects
  • Provide value to sponsors
  • Meet regulatory obligations
  • Train their workforce more efficiently

If you want to understand how successful your event/meeting has been and where it can go in the future, then event tech can help you streamline this process and generate useful data to give you a clearer picture.

Example on how data intelligence can work

The year is 2018, and you are going to an event. Luckily your programmable personal assistant has prepared the transport and outfit for you already.
You step into the driverless car, and with a quick eye scan, the car knows where to take you. Upon arrival, you are automatically charged for the trip and proceed to the registration area. Another eye scan and a pop-up notification appears on your phone with your personalized agenda and suggestions of seminars you might be interested in attending based on previous attendance.

You enter the networking area and another pop-up notification appears on your smart phone, suggesting contacts to greet that would be of interest to your business. You start talking to the other delegates, with a quick swipe on your phone, your business card and LinkedIn connection is transferred to the other delegate. The seminars start, and you are able to follow the presentation on your mobile device, take notes, interact with the panel and send in your questions.

It is time for lunch and a small robot appears with your favourite dish.

After the event, you are taken home by the driverless car. On your mobile device, you have already received your personal notes from the seminar, suggestions on upcoming events that might be of interest for you and a personalized summary of the content you showed the most interest in.

The above scenario is not such a distant reality. The more technologies continue to evolve, and devices become connected, the more data intelligence can help retailers understand what customers want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered