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We know it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments within the event technology sector. Since the currency of today´s society isn’t in dollars or bitcoins, but in engagement, new apps and software are constantly popping up in the market and claim to be a life saver for your business.  With changing technology, the way of managing events and conferences is also evolving. Conferences used to have a reputation for being stuffy, a bit boring, and perhaps showed a lack of innovation…but that is changing. With the growth of event technology and the millennial attendee demographic, conferences are beginning to shed their status of ‘dull’.

Meeting experience

Attendees are no longer content to passively sit through the conference; they want the power to shape the conference or to have an input.

Below are a few of the top predictions for the event trends in 2017

  • Increased use of Gamification (Games, Contests) and Giveaways,
  • Additional realities, a mix of Augmented and Virtual realities.
  • Artificial intelligence, household names like Alexa, Siri and Cortana can now lend their voice to events and interact with your attendees
  • Live streaming is already being used in many sectors, and we hear rumours that events will soon be live streamed through drones.
  • Emotionally intelligent events, where you can mix different experiences and cater for the different psychological and physical needs of the attendees.
  • Nontraditional venues, your creativity determines the limits here! We can assure you that a cool, nontraditional location will be talked about!
  • Personalized experiences and promotions specifically tailored to the attendees’ preferences

“It´s no longer about having a pen on hand or business card to send off with attendees, but rather giving them something that will heighten their in-the-moment experience and later continue to connect emotion with the event/brand”

Monica Wolyniec, Marketing Communications Manager, Boomset


The two main reasons people attend conferences are for education and to network. While the content of your event is important, you must take care not to neglect networking. Events are becoming saturated with more attendees, which takes away from the more intimate atmosphere needed for people to make meaningful connections when networking. It is worth remembering that 86% of young delegates want networking opportunities at events — arguably it has become more important than the content.

Repurpose Your Content and measure!

2017 will be the year for big data. We will be better equipped to measure ROI and to increase the personalization of both the messaging and content to the attendee. Thus ensuring you have a highly engaged attendee who receives the right information, at the right time.  With real-time data, you can measure everything on the spot — ticket sales, crowd density, session attendance and participation. Ensuring you only spend your resources where they are required.

2017 is the year to show off your Personality and increase Engagement— do this together with Duuzra!