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When the holiday season ends, there will be more digital mobile devices in people’s hands than at any other time.  These devices will be smarter, do more, provide more, and connect us in many new ways.

The shift between shopping via a mobile device vs in an actual store has been increasing for several years. This year culminated into over $3.9 billion in online sales during this year’s Cyber Monday based on Adobe’s Data Report.  This comfort of digital engagement, where the public is willing to perform commerce online is a significant milestone.  As people continue to add newer or additional mobile devices to their digital inventory, the increased connectivity also brings the expectation to have access to, and interact with information via these devices to companies, content and experiences.


Included in this expectation are events and meetings. Presentation and interactive technology is fast becoming a necessity at large conferences and internal meetings.  More and more of these are now being run on mobile devices. The shift has already started from online registration via websites to mobile registration, such as iBeacon or Tag registration, reinforces the fact that businesses need to incorporate mobile event technology into their digital strategy.

Additionally, creating a truly digital event for an audience, where the availability of options such as real-time polling, collaboration exercises and the ability to send and receive feedback on their tablet or mobile is not only a reality but perhaps also expected based on how many in an audience use their devices at events for their work and personal life.

To see how impactful digital engagement was during Cyber-Monday, click to view this infographic.

event technology cyber monday

If your event or meeting has yet to incorporate a platform that can connect, engage and interact with your audience, then perhaps it’s time to consider Duuzra’s all device cross-platform software. Duuzra event and meetings software can, regardless of device or platform, consume and engage any audience.  It also allows the user to store the event content on their mobile device or in the cloud for post-event access

Technology has evolved, so should your event. Duuzra offers a flexible interface that gives an audience the experience they not only want, but expect.