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Being a customer centric business often provides interesting opportunities for growth. Last summer was the start to one of those times as it became very evident our partners were starting to take us in some new directions. While Duuzra has long had a successful full-service technology offering it was clear that our clients had a desire to expand our partnerships. This spurred a decision to sit down with our clients to discuss situations and problems in which they thought we could help. Additionally, we wanted to get a better sense how we could improve our product and services additions to improve our clients’ ability to communicate and engage their audiences.

Duuzra is excited that after having served hundreds of clients with our innovative event engagement technology for the past few years, we are updating our platform in 2017 and expanding our offering.
At the core of the new solution is the ability for our customers to expand and extend their engagement with more people in many more ways. By moving away from a software designed specifically for a full-service event technology offering and making our solution more diverse and accessible on any device we are helping to answer our clients’ call to bring digital scalability and content accessibility across organisations. This doesn’t mean we are moving away from the meetings and events foundation of our business, we are simply answering the request of our clients to help them do more.

Our offering update and new software provide:

– A new front end application that is available on any device: iOS, Android, Microsoft, and HTML 5
– A new Content Management System (CMS)
– White labelling and branding
– Instantaneous publishing and real-time updating
– Deeper content tracking, data organization, and reporting capability
– Software integrations and API build out capabilities (Salesforce, Tableau, Cvent)
– Enhanced product features, building and display options, and capabilities
– The ability to create or build from templates (Don’t worry you can still design from scratch as well)

Our new platform now gives our partners the ability to present, update, and engage with ease and flexibility. No hassle. Whether you are using it to provide content, create participation, and engage attendees for events, or using it for a sales presentation the new Duuzra platform can help you quickly and easily provide content, create engagement, and collect analytics.

While these are just a few of the highlights of what our new solution can do, we would happy to discuss your meeting, events, training, sales, or content sharing needs and see if our new platform can help your organizational needs or initiatives. If you have used our solution in the past or have yet to partner with Duuzra let us show you something a bit different. Reach out at your convenience for a free consultation and/or demo.

Thanks, The Duuzra Team