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You don’t have to be at the event venue, attend “live” from anywhere in the World

New technology allows us to reach a broader number of attendees through live interaction and this feature has been embraced by social media, with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram leading the way. Attendees no longer have to be in the same room as you when you present or host an event, they can be anywhere in the world and interact with you the same way the other attendees would. They can submit questions, give you feedback, and take part in your polls. Imagine the time and cost that could be saved!

Live streaming can still be a bit scary for some organisers, however many events are contributing to the growing popularity of live-streaming, giving attendees the opportunity to join in from the comfort of their own homes.

Duuzra recently hosted a Global two-day conference that was broadcast live from London to hundreds of delegates based around the world.


– Pre-Event content distribution to delegates via the Duuzra App
– Remote dial-in via the Duuzra App
– Technical event support both on and off-site
– Fully Interactive presentation suite
– Delegate “hotspot” and traditional polling with results shown in real-time
– Live content pushing to all delegates
– Mobile question and answer feed announced by country
– Content language translation
– Post-event enhanced security content locking
– Post-event data and analytics

The Duuzra App has an enhanced remote dial-in feature for Mobile, Tablets and Laptops to facilitate Global Events and Meetings, giving you the total freedom to engage with attendees all over the world!

Get in touch today for a free demo and see for yourself how easy it can all be organised