Welcome to our first post on “The Faces of Duuzra”!

This section puts the spotlight on the employees at Duuzra (Duuzrans), where we ask them a few questions and get to know them better. 

First out is Mateo Muñoz, Managing Director of the Americas, 

Hi Mateo,

How long have you been in the Duuzra family?

A long time, haha! 4 years and two months to be exact. Time flies when you are having fun.

Favorite things about events?
Hmm, that is a tough one, well tough to just pick one… Not to be too corny, but I really love the teams I get to work with both internally at Duuzra and externally as well. I have met some really awesome people and love the relationships that the event world has afforded me. When you are onsite you become quick friends and the relationships last. There are a lot of great people and forward thinkers in the industry so I get to learn a lot. While our product has a lot more uses now it was a lot of the ideas around it are born from the event world. A lot of the new uses we have picked up have come from suggestions on site or during brainstorming sessions with clients.

Biggest frustration at the moment?
Right now it’s my 2 and a half-month-old having a serious case of FOMO. My wife and I are like come on, you are supposed to just sleep, eat, and poop. She just wants to be up and in the mix and can be a bit stubborn. I wonder where she gets that from…..

Best piece of advice?
Not sure if this is for business or for life, so we’ll go with business and I would say always hire people that are smarter and more skilled than you.

What’s on your desk?
Probably more than needs to be. It tends to be a bit messy, but I know where everything is, or so I think.

Most used app on your phone?
Duuzra, but I’ll pick something besides our own app, so let’s go with Slack. GlowBaby with the little one is a definite rival, but Slack for communication with the business takes the cake.

Favorite city in the world?
That is a super tough one and I usually ask for what? Dining, going out, relaxing? With not having any context I’m going to be a homer and say Santa Cruz. Can’t be a California beach town next to the tech capital of the world.

Thank you Mateo, in the next post we will be meeting with Lorna Haddon, one of our UK-based project managers, stay tuned!