Welcome to our second post on “The Faces of Duuzra”. This section will spotlight the employees at Duuzra and today we are meeting with Lorna Haddon, our UK based project manager.

Hi Lorna, 

How long have you been in the Duuzra family?

Over three years now, I started working as an event manager for our fundraising technology (Fundrayzor), then moved onto project management.

Favourite things about events? 

I love to travel and meet new people. Working with events can be intense, but I love seeing new exciting places and working new clients.

Favourite Duuzra feature?

Polls! People get so engaged and sometimes the results can be quite surprising.

Favourite type of event to manage?

I love events where there is a mix of everything, big meetings and break outs.

Biggest frustration at the moment?


Best piece of advice?

Recycle! And don’t litter!

Whats on your desk?

Laptop, glasses, empty plate and cables. I try to keep it as organised and tidy as possible

Most used app on your phone?

Spotify, WhatsApp and snapchat.

Favourite city in the world?

Manchester obviously, the only improvement could be the weather (it rains on average every second day here).

Thank you so much Lorna, in the next post we will meet with Aniq, our UK based technical coordinator.