Welcome to our third Duuzran, our very own technical coordinator Aniq Ahmad from Halifax, United Kingdom.

Hello Aniq,

How long have you been in the Duuzra family?

1104 lunch breaks (just over 3 years). I joined as a technical coordinator and the responsibilities have increased over the years. One of my main tasks is to prepare the technical side of the events.

Favorite things about events?

The food! I love trying out new foods and dishes. I also love to travel, so by working on events, we get to travel a lot.

Favorite Duuzra feature?

Pushing content. You are in control of what the delegates see.

Favorite type of event?

I like big meetings, like the congresses. If it is abroad, then even better.

Biggest frustration at the moment?

That my cat Nero can’t live with me. He now lives with my mum.

Best piece of advice?

Go with the flow and never say no to free food!

What’s on your desk?

Where do I start… laptops, servers, broken iPads, multiple keyboards and cables, antibacterial gel, gloves, a stuffed trout, mug, take away menus and a box of green tea.

Most used app on your phone?
Just Eat and WhatsApp.

Favorite city in the world?

Lisbon in Portugal! We did an event there and I fell in love with the sunset and the pastel de nata!

Thank you Aniq, in the next post we will be meeting with Lawrence Stevens, our US based Project Manager.