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Welcome to our fifth Duuzran, Jonathan Basler, our US-based Business Development Executive.

Hola Jonathan, so how long have you been in the Duuzra family?

I’ve been with the Duuzra Family for almost a year now.

Favorite things about events?

The fact that you get to learn new things that you would have never known unless you attend the event and working at Duuzra has given me the opportunity to go to some pretty amazing events.

Favorite Duuzra feature?

I am going to have to say the ask a question feature. Being at events and seeing how much clients love that feature made me also fall in love with that feature.

Favorite type of event?

My favourite type of event is an event where Duuzra can be used in all its capacity whether it’s our HTML app that can be loaded on any browser or our ability to serve up content at any moment’s notice. An event with Duuzra will always be my favourite type of event.

Biggest frustration at the moment?

I work in sales, so I am going to have to say getting people’s voicemails.

Best piece of advice?

Always work towards a goal with a sense of urgency. Don’t ever wait until you are forced face that urgency but if you fail. Fail knowing you gave it your all.

What’s on your desk?

My headphones. Water lots and lots of water and chips I always have to have chips.

Most used app on your phone?

Believe it or not, my most used app is Duuzra and here is why. Since Duuzra allows me to create applications for just about anything I created an application that has all my notes and use cases and even a list of common objections and how to combat them. I like it because it is all in one place and it is very easy to access.

Favorite city in the world?

México lindo y querido. My favourite city has to be my hometown of Ciudad de México. The food is amazing! There is always something to do and no matter where you go there will always be someone selling food. What can I say I love my tacos, tortas, quesadillas ahogadas y huaraches(authentic Mexican food.)

Thank you so much Jonathan for letting us take a peek into your life, in the next post we will be meeting with Nicole Whitaker, our US-based Event Manager