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6th Duuzran to take the stage, this time we meet with Nicole Whitaker, our US-based Project Manager.

Hi Nicole,

How long have you been in the Duuzra family? 

It has definitely been a while now. I was hired exactly 3 years ago as of October 24th.

Favorite things about events and why? 

My favourite things about events are the fact that there is never a dull moment, you need to be prepared for anything, all the time, getting the opportunity to travel, building relationships with new people, and anytime an event has tiny tiramisu.

Favorite Duuzra feature and why? 

My favourite Duuzra feature is probably polling. I love how it gets the audience engaged and helps to break up the heavier content. (It is extra exciting when I get to use pink as one of the colours, but that doesn’t happen often).

Favorite type of event? 

My favourite type of event is probably Leadership Retreats. They are usually multi-day events that are highly engaged, and they always take place at the nicest venues.

Biggest frustration at the moment? 

That my cat, Khaleesi, has not learned how to use a cell phone. I want nothing more than to be able to call her whenever I want while on the road.

Best piece of advice? 

There is no problem so big it can’t be made smaller by a glass of wine and a cat snuggle.

What’s on your desk? 

My desk is pretty random. I now have 2 “Crazy Cat Lady” mugs (thanks Blair for the 2nd one), a rainbow, sparkle, clover water cup, a photo with Juan Pablo the alpaca from my trip to Chile, an iPad (obviously), pumpkin spice coffee creamer (no shame), a skull and raven Halloween statue (it’s my favorite holiday), a cat face pen holder with dry erase markers, lotion and Neosporin because I am always hurting myself.

Most used app on your phone? 

My most used app on my phone is sadly probably slack or email, but my most used non-work app is definitely Instagram, not mine though, I made one for my cat, Khaleesi, and my rabbit, Arya.

Favorite city in the world and why? 

So far, my favourite city has got to be Vancouver, BC, because it is absolutely stunning and everyone (including the geese) is so friendly. I’ve been pushing for Duuzra Canada for a while now (nudge nudge).

Thank you Nicole and we hope Khaleesi learns how to use a cell phone soon!