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Apps have become the remote control of events. They are the show guide, the replacement of staff, the recommendation engine, the matchmaking source and the place for sponsored content and interaction.

As you might have heard, Apple is cracking down on spam, clone apps and old dead apps in the App Store putting the beloved event apps at risk. It has been referred to as Appageddon (not to be confused with the movie Armageddon). If your app is a duplicate of another, it will most likely not get approved and all of your time and money has gone to waste. This means no more white-label event apps unless developed with strong uniqueness (bespoke/customised) and no template of any sort can be used to construct the app.

Duuzra’s solution

Apple’s recommendation to those affected by these new guidelines is for vendors to publish a single ‘container’ app, from which attendees can access their specific event app.

Duuzra has provided this option for many years with several of our clients running hundreds of events a year through this route.  Some of our clients want their own standalone app via a store listing by providing an easy method of downloading (search “EventName” in the app store), giving added branding and sponsorship opportunities.

Of course, there are more app options available to events than just white label apps, such as:

  1. Web Apps

html5 web apps are accessed from the browser and should be compatible with most mobile and even desktop devices. Web apps lack some of the functionality and integration of native apps but make up for it in compatibility and easy adoption by attendees.

  1. Bespoke Native Apps

A fully bespoke app is always going to be more expensive than a white label solution on balance but will be able to offer the attendee a much more unique branded experience, making it worth the download.


  • Apple updated their App Review Guidelines mid-2017
  • Event Apps must now be published to individual store accounts — setup is a one-off, straight forward process. Your account manager will help with this.
  • Organisations running more than one event should ideally create their own branded Event App Portal