5 Event Apps You Should Be Using in 2018

In a world that is oversaturated with apps that promise to offer extraordinary results, it’s hard to decipher which ones are the most valuable. Here are the five event apps that you need to use in 2018:


Having every organizational tool you need in one place provides convenience, ease of use and higher productivity. G-Suite fits this criterion with the use of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Currently, everyone is working on a different project with a different team at a different time zone so having the ability to send emails, organize thoughts and ideas and schedule calls is absolutely necessary. In terms of pricing, a “Basic” plan costs $5 a month and offers 30 GB of storage. Make sure when you’re planning your next event that the client or vendor you’re working with has G-Suite at their fingertips.

Facebook Business

Now, wait a minute. Isn’t Facebook a huge time-waster to check out the next meme or adorable dog and baby video? Well, you’re right. But, it’s also used to help make events more successful. Facebook Business allows you to simply create a Page where you can start a conversation with your fellow employees on ways to organize and improve your events going forward. You can set deadlines, post images and videos, list an open job and keep the group controlled through administrator rights. Most of Facebook Business is free to use.


Before computers, everything we worked on would need to be written down and organized by priority. With Airtable, the database comes to you and helps organize tasks and things to do by name, contact information, priority and deadline. It also allows you to take notes and provide attachments, images and barcodes. When organizing any event, it’s helpful to have the venue information and contact information for attendees and vendors all in one place. It goes beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and makes everything easy to view and understand with the color coding and options mentioned above. It can be used on a mobile device or desktop and it’s free to use.


Time tracking can be anxiety-inducing but it does provide a purpose. On Dubsado, the time tracking is specifically helpful in tracking invoices, forms and appointments. It’s a valuable tool that any salesperson would love to utilize. Leads and templated emails can be added in and forms can be sent through requiring signatures. So, let’s say you have a potential client that you’d like to manage their event in 6 months and you need them to sign the contract. By using Dubsado, the potential client can easily review said contract and see the deadline on deadline on your end. It has a fixed pricing of $25 a month but the free trial has no time limit.


When the lightbulb goes off in your head and you need to write down that influential idea for your next event you search for a pen and paper. With Zenkit, you can avoid the hassle of doing it manually and actually form a mind map connecting all of your ideas in one place at one time. From there, you can schedule deadlines to complete certain tasks and prioritize by importance. This app is invaluable for project managers looking to organize and execute tasks on time. It’s free to use and can be upgraded with select pricing if there are more users and storage space required.