8th Duuzran to take the spotlight is our US-based CTO, Mike Waters

Hi Mike!

How long have you been with Duuzra?

I’ve been with Duuzra for 4 months. I started November 2017 1 but I actually started on a volunteer basis in October. There was so much to do with so little time that I insisted on working for free during the month of October for the company for no charge. I was so excited by the opportunity I couldn’t wait to get started.

Favorite things about events?

Many years before I ever even knew of Duuzra’s existence  I expressed open frustration to the way the seminar and workshop business operated. I had always felt that there had to be a better way to engage an audience, push content to them and make sure it stuck with them. I myself would go to events like the ones we host and I would be lucky if I could bring home 1 or 2 things of value. I never regretted going to the events mind you I was just frustrated that there was no way to really make the learning more impactful, more informative and to increase the amount of information I brought home with myself.  From the moment I saw what Duuzra did I realized that my frustration that I had openly expressed years ago had been answered with a platform that is absolutely an industry disruptor to be sure.  What Duuzra had accomplished was a GIANT step in the right direction.

Biggest frustration?

Not being able to move fast enough, and not enough hours in the day, It seems I can never get enough done in the day, I really need a clone! I work early mornings so I can be there to work with the UK side of the team as they are in the middle of their day when I wake up and get going for the day. Then I work afternoons dedicated to our Utah team and working dedicated to their needs. Then later in the afternoon I stop to run errands because later in the evening on into the late hours and sometimes early morning hours I am back at work, working directly with our development team in the Philippines. Somedays just to keep up with it all  I wind up working really long hours trying to balance all of it. Doing all of that while maintaining a work-life balance as a single father of 2 daughters that live with me it makes my life a handful (Did I mention they are Teen & Pre teen Daughters?). This is both exciting challenging but tiring as well but very much worth it.

Best piece of advice?

Pick 3 to 5 things each day that are of utmost importance to you and do those. Working at Duuzra it is clear that my “To Do” plate will never be even close to empty. Each day I take a prioritized list of accomplishments that MUST be done and work on those starting at the top working to the bottom.  If I get those done I call the day a success. I simply cannot measure it by a shrinking stack of To Do items as it is clear that this will never happen.  I define success by getting my top 5 list done each day and then being able to spend individualized time with each of my children. I take each of my daughters once a week on a daddy-daughter date. I keep these priorities just as important as work so that I can maintain a good work-life balance. I love work, I love my children, accomplishing this work-life balance makes it all very much worth it.

What’s on your desk (either at home or at an event)?

My desk is a pile of notes. I am still very old fashioned and write everything down. Personal items work-related items, ideas etc…. everything is written down. I take all of these notes and publish them online in an archive, or in a notebook where I keep track of them. I have homemade items on my desk by each of my children, and a pile of memory sticks, disposable hard drives, and a bobble head of Dwight Schrute from the office. I have a computer system with 3 Large monitors I need a 4th monitor. They keep me very productive.

Most used app on your phone?

I use Dropbox all the time, but my favorite app is the our home app. It allows me to manage my entire house from a single app. I issue points for chores and work done around the house and let my children cash in those points for rewards. Accumulate 50 points you  can cash it in for a video game or a sleepover, collect 100 points and we can go on a spending spree etc… my children love it because they can do simple household chores, homework etc…. around the house and instantly obtain points to which they can cash in for things they want. They don’t come to me asking for money they just plug in what they want, then I assign a point value to it and they cash it in when the points are accumulated. The next most used app is audible. I have dozens of audiobooks I downloaded and listen to from business, to self-improvement to good old fiction I enjoy it all. I’m listening to the book tools of titans right now so I can learn how to up my game and become even more productive while serving as the CTO for Duuzra.

Favorite city in the world? 

I have traveled a lot so I have to break it down to the US, Europe , and Asia. My favorite US city is San Francisco. The vibe of the city is my favorite. I always visit the Muir Woods when I go there and it is definitely my favorite US city. Followed by Seattle I love that city as well. As far as European cities my favorite is Madrid. When I go to Madrid the people are welcoming, open and friendly. I have been there 5 times and each time it is a thrill and wonderment. In Asia, my favorite city is Bangkok, Thailand. An amazing city, the culture, the people, the food, the ambiance everything about it is amazing. I have plans on going to Vietnam this year. I have heard nothing but good things about it and it intrigues me. I want to take all my children with me and go as a family.