Faces of Duuzra

9th Duuzran we’d like to highlight is our talented project manager in the US, Blair McAndrew.

Hi Blair!

How long have you been with Duuzra?

I joined in September of 2017

Favorite things about events?

I love getting to interact with different clients! It is a great feeling to build those relationships, collaborate on ideas, and bring those ideas to life. All events are different, which means you are constantly exposed to new things (aka not boring)! We also get to travel a lot, which is always fun getting to see new cities!

Biggest frustration?

You know, all events can be hard, because the unexpected can always happen. There are so many little things,  such as last minute changes, technology not working the way it should, long and late hours, very early mornings…..but it is all a part of the job! It’s what makes it exciting. You learn something new at every event.

Best piece of advice?

Always bring snacks, because you never know when you may or may not get to eat. Also, don’t have a fixed mindset. Be easy to change. Because with events, things will change. Things will not go as planned. All you can do is plan ahead, roll with the punches, and handle each item calmly, and strategically as they come. Adaptability is key in this job.

What’s on your desk (either at home or at an event)?

For those who really know me, food (most likely a stack of lara bars). Snacks are necessary, and being hangry is real.

Most used app on your phone?

Google. It has an answer for everything.

Favorite city in the world?

Austin, TX. It was my home for 4 years, I have a lot of family history there. It is such a creative, weird, and fun city. Plus it lives and breathes tacos — and tacos have my heart.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Blair. Next week, we will meet one of our established UK project managers, Dan Pursell. See you on the next “Faces of Duuzra”!