Faces of Duuzra

10th Duuzran we’d like to highlight is our long-standing, experienced project manager in the UK, Daniel Pursell.

Hi Dan! Thank you for joining us today.

How long have you been with Duuzra?

5 years & 6 months

Favourite things about events?

It keeps you on your toes, no two days are ever the same and the worldwide travel lets you “try before you buy” your next holiday destination.

Biggest frustration?

Flight delays!

Best piece of advice?

If you want to get ahead in events you’ll need the ability to keep a level head when things go wrong, a stomach for seriously hard work and comfy shoes. It’s also important to manage your workload to avoid burning out.

What’s on your desk?

My mobile phone, pencil case, note pad, hand moisturiser and a pair of headphones.

Most used app on your phone?

Whatsapp. It’s a great way of keeping in contact with your onsite team when running large scale events. Closely followed by Duuzra Mobile, of course 😉

Favorite city in the world?

Barcelona. It has it all — museums, beaches, good restaurants, great shops and lovely people… I could never get bored there.

A pleasure speaking with you, Dan. Next week, we will meet one of our sales managers in the US, Christopher Butt. See you on the next “Faces of Duuzra”!