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“Big Data,” Data Wrangling,” “Intelligent Analytics” and “Actionable Analytics” are all buzzwords we  frequently hear in our technology-driven society with hyper focus surrounding data and analytics. Data and analytics are more than just two fancy terms strewn across buzzwords — they’re a great way to understand your collective audience, whomever they may be. While it may seem tricky or even daunting at times, information gained from the past can be applied to a multitude of different business actions. This can help increase the success of future meetings, trainings, sales tools, and more, as well as help shape and define the future actions and prosperity of your organization.

What are a few ways this is done and how are these data and analytics captured and turned into actionable insight?  While there are many ways to address this question, we thought it would be helpful to share some real life experiences on how we approach this with our clients.

Many of our clients choose Duuzra to manage their content delivery as well as to engage their audience because of the ease of use and features, but even more so because its real power – the gathering of valuable data.  Everything done in the Duuzra platform creates a virtual footprint which can be followed to garner insight on a particular user, group of users, piece of content, set of interactions, and beyond.

As an example, many clients that use our solution do so to engage their attendees at corporate meetings or events.  This allows them to capture insight from user browsing behavior, audience questions, response data from engagement features (such as forms, heat mapping, gamification, polls) and more. The features and presentation are very important, as they help spawn the data collection, but it’s what the data shows around content views and engagement that tell the true story.

These valuable insights tell the story so your organization can begin to understand how the content is being used. More often than not, this can provide answers to questions such as; What are attendees most interested in?, How are top performers presenting?, Is any material being overlooked? Did people suggest one thing, but does the raw browsing behavior states another?  How do different groups of people act differently when interacting with the same content?

While we utilized events in the above example, the same thing can be said surrounding other business aspects, as content is everywhere. We could also look at how data surrounding content is measured to help the sales team communicate more effectively with their clients, to generate targeted marketing material, to train a team more efficiently, or even to shape future communications.

At this point you may be saying “great, I understand you need a good tool to mine the data, I also get the data is powerful because it gives good insights, but you still haven’t shown us how you action these insights.”  Simply put, we haven’t answered it because there isn’t a silver bullet.  Yes, there are best practices and common trends, but until the problem or the desired outcome data is identified, even good data is meaningless.

In asking key questions, we can start looking at how to best use our tools to produce the data we desire and then how we can measure our data and yield results to keep moving in the right direction with the initiative we’re looking at.  Often, we’ll be surprised by our data, as it may reveal we are not accomplishing what we set out to. But, that doesn’t mean the tool is a bad one. Essentially “don’t shoot the messenger” is often how we refer to it, then we’ll modify the tool and try again.  In this data driven society we live in, we often look for results to be instantaneous. True change takes revision, but keep in mind revision is difficult without markers, and that is what data and analytics provide.

Each journey into the world of data and analytics follows a different path, but our hope is that these data and analytics can help your organization reach future goals and give insight to apply in the future. Best of luck on your journey and if you feel Duuzra can help along the way, feel free to reach out to us, and if your path goes a different direction we hope the read, at a minimum, helped you along the way!