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The 15th Duuzran we’d like to introduce is our experienced Business Development Director from the UK, Liam Pennington!

Hi Liam!

How long have you been with Duuzra?
I originally started with Duuzra back in 2012 and I’ve been fortunate enough to probably work within every aspect of the business (except development), out of both the UK and US offices.

Favorite things about events?
I got to travel around the world and stay in a lot of beautiful hotels along the way. I’m not sure I could handle the lifestyle anymore though so I’m glad I get to consult with my clients about how best to utilize Duuzra for their events, but also for smaller meetings, training and sales, too.

Biggest Frustration?
Biggest frustration at work is trying to get a hold of people of the phone – there’s so many potential clients out there that would benefit from what we do, I wish I could just tell more people on a daily basis 🙂

Best Piece of Advice?
Nobody likes people that go to a party and only talk about themselves.

What’s on your desk?
The bare minimum – My phone, my hands free headphones and my Mac.

Most used app on your phone?
It’s hard to say, I feel like it is in my hand A LOT. I’d have to go with Twitter, its where I keep up to date with Sports and current affairs.

Favorite city in the world?
For favourite cities – this a tough one but I always come back to Manchester being the greatest city in the world, after all it has Manchester United! I would then go with New York, Glastonbury and Vegas as places that I would love to visit every year!

On the weekends, you can find me:
On an ideal weekend you’d find me on a golf course one morning and then at Old Trafford in the afternoon. The next day would then be spent with my Fiancé and our dogs, Maggie and Barney, on a nice long hike before getting home and watching the Minnesota Vikings on a Sunday night.

Thank you for your time, Liam! We love your energy!

Keep an eye on this space and we will see you next time!