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With webinars and video conferences gaining popularity, it’s not surprising to know that virtual meetings are taking off as well. Even within our Duuzra team, we often have virtual meetings where a couple team members are in the UK, another few scattered across our US branches, along with someone from our Singapore location, or elsewhere among our global locations or partners. We, along with some of our clients, enjoy this because we still feel connected and are able to collaborate, train, or move initiatives forward when being close in physical location is not possible.

You may have seen that we recently shared a case study on this topic that’s been on everyone’s minds lately — virtual meetings. One of our client’s goals was to simultaneously share content with attendees who were at multiple locations across the globe. When thinking about virtual or remote meetings, a few questions may come to mind: Can I still get the same level of connection and interaction as an in-person meeting? Are virtual meetings as effective? Is there a way for me to know if everyone participating or are they simply logging in because they have to?

The answer to the above questions is yes. When our clients choose to utilize the Duuzra solution, we help our partners effectively reach their goals, whether it be pushing content to 9 different locations, increasing engagement through interactive features, and/or taking advantage of the data and analytics gained to apply the insights to future meetings. So, let’s elaborate further on how we make the most of remote meetings.

You might wonder if the engagement is just as high as an in-person meeting — in our case study, we show that the virtual meeting model is just as effective, with over half of the attendees asking questions and even more engaging with the content. From the host’s master device or “remote control,” content is pushed via our proprietary technology to all locations where attendees are present — this could be any content from a presentation, document, or interactive feature, to any location globally.

A key here is to move forward like this was a live meeting, then add a bit of a spin on it for the virtual component. Make sure, as with live events, you are creating engaging content for your attendees — be sure to ask polling questions throughout the session or presentations. Utilize the hotspot feature as a fun way to get your attendees involved and capture data. You can even add gamification to your meeting — we’ve done an escape room, Jeopardy-style game, and quizzes. By taking advantage of these engagement features you will ensure that your attendees feel connected, even while being miles apart.

We cannot forget the data that will be captured during the event that can be applied to a multitude of different future business actions such as increasing the success of future meetings, trainings, and events. You will also be able to make sure that your attendees weren’t just logging in just to log in. Before the meeting, you can think about what insight you may be looking to gain from your attendees and capture that insight through user browsing behavior, audience questions, response data from engagement features (such as forms, hot spots, gamification, polls) and more. Pre-event content can be distributed to the delegates prior and you can track how much time was spent on the pre-work. If you think ahead to what you’d like to learn from your attendees, you can shape your meeting to ask the appropriate engagement questions to lead to success in the future.

Of course, there are other benefits to hosting a remote meeting. Your attendees can save valuable travel time and you may have access to more attendees that may not have been able to attend an in person meeting due to scheduling conflicts or geographic constraints. For your company — you save on travel costs, accommodation, and the venue and associated costs. The increased engagement, data capture, convenience, and cost savings of hosting remote meetings are making them a big contender in today’s virtual landscape.

If you’d like to continue the conversation on how the Duuzra technology can help lead you to a successful meeting, large or small, or help you with content communication, engagement, and insight across other business initiatives please feel free to contact us at anytime!