This week, we’d like to introduce to you to one of our Graphic Designers based in the US, Amy Strujo!

How long have you been with Duuzra?
I have been working for Duuzra for 2.5 years.

Favorite things about events?
My favorite thing about events is getting to see our products being used by clients and seeing my designs on the ipads. I have been a graphic designer since 2007, which make it 11 years.

Biggest Frustration?
Not getting enough sleep. (We feel you, Amy!)

Best Piece of Advice?
Try to go with the flow. Don’t let the little things bother you.

What’s on your desk?
I don’t have a desk that I work on. I have 3 kids so most of the time its either on the floor, kitchen island or the couch.

Most used app on your phone?
I mostly use social media app, my emails or camera to take pictures.

Favorite city in the world?
I don’t have a favorite city but my favorite places to visit in the world are Bosnia and Croatia. My husband was born and lived there for 9 years. I’ve been to visit about 4 times now and it is a beautiful place to visit especially the beaches of Croatia.

On the weekends, you can find me:
Wishing I was relaxing in bed all day but most of the time I am doing activities with my family. We like to go hiking, snowboarding and spending our time outdoors.

We love seeing Amy’s design work on our apps for our clients. Each one is so unique and different, and we enjoy seeing her work come to life! See you next time, on the blog!