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Picture this: You are standing on a stage. In front of you sits an audience of 200 potential clients that you have one hour, and one hour only, to do your best to impress and hopefully pique their interest enough to pull them into the sales cycle. You take a step forward on the stage and begin speaking with gusto as you’ve been practicing your speech in front of your mirror for several weeks now. Despite the practice in the back of your mind you keep thinking about how difficult giving an engaging presentation is and how much easier it would be if you were a naturally gifted orator. You try and reassure yourself to silence that doubtful voice in the back of your head.  You should be good since you have your backup: the PowerPoint slides behind you that were exchanged for a few nights of sleep, filled with paragraphs and well thought out phrases, which will make it easy for your audience to understand, of course.

You take a deep breath after your opening statement and look out at your audience hoping to see their intrigue starting to swell.  However, instead you are met with the awful sight of everyone staring at their own screens — laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Why isn’t anyone looking at you — why aren’t they looking at the presenter? Are they absorbing anything from the PowerPoint that you worked so hard on and lost nights of sleep on? Are these people even listening? How will you even know if they are interested and how will you get them into your sales cycle now?

Duuzra makes audience engagement and data capture easy.

At Duuzra, our clients often come to us with the desire to engage their audience and have a bit of an idea of how they might expect a piece of engaging content to be delivered, but might not have an answer. Here, we have gathered a few ideas in combination with some of our software’s functions that might help you better engage your audience.

  1. Tell a story

Are you still using PowerPoint presentations filled with bullet points on your slides? Well, bullet points don’t inspire. Stories do.

In recent years, leaders across various multinational organizations, such as Google, encourage the use of continual storytelling to allow for audience engagement during presentations. Our brains can remember things much better when we see pictures versus an overabundance of words on a slide.

The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Visuals are much more powerful than text alone. Duuzra allows you to piece together a series of images and include interactions to tell stories and keep your audience engaged.

  1. Include interactive features

Interactive features such as polling, feedback forms, and open questions create a collaborative meeting by giving attendees a voice. These questions can range from ice breakers at the beginning of the meeting to content specific polling throughout your presentation.

Having a platform to learn how your delegates are engaging with your content will help you to create future content that will be well received and easily absorbed. Inserting interactions, such as polling, during presentations will also allow speakers to understand how the delegates are keeping up and if they are in fact, engaging with them!

  1. Capture powerful data

Insight gained from browsing behavior, audience questions, forms, and poll responses allows data to flow back into our clients’ business by way of targeted, individualized reports. This data allows you to measure how effectively your content is holding your delegate’s interest and if they have been engaging with any additional resources that may be available on their app (pre, during, or post event).

This information can be utilized by your team to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders, generate targeted marketing materials and even shape future meetings and events.

Before your next meeting, speak with us at Duuzra. We are always happy to engage in a cost-free consultation of how you might be able to incorporate all we have discussed in this blog, which will ultimately help you understand your delegates better and in turn keep them more engaged. (Click here to read more on our previous article about understanding and influencing your stakeholders)

Don’t leave the success of your next meeting, event, training, or presentation up to the voice in your head, instead see how you can utilize Duuzra to know what your delegates are doing behind their screens and if they are in fact engaging with your content!

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