Hello again from the Faces of Duuzra! This week, we’d like to introduce you to our Head of USA & Global Sales, Mike Theile, who is based in our North Carolina office!

How long have you been with Duuzra?
I have been with Duuzra for almost 4 years now.

Favorite things about events?
I love the live atmosphere of events!  No matter the type of event (sports, music, corporate, tradeshows, etc), there is always an energy in the air. We agree – there is just something special about events!

Biggest Frustration?
I get frustrated when people are reluctant to intro new technologies into their Events Sales Processes, Trainings, etc.  Some clients are still only using Powerpoint Presentation in these areas.  Powerpoint was released in 1987.  So technically some people are hosting Engagements the same way as they did 30 years ago!

Best Piece of Advice?
“Never become complacent with your success and always strive for growth. Do not live passively, but be extraordinary.” – Frank Mark

What’s on your desk?
A picture of my wife and two daughters, a big mug of coffee, a notepad, and my Bose head phones.

Most used app on your phone?
Google Maps, as I like to know where places are and how long it takes to get there.  I love it especially when I am traveling because I never like getting lost and I always need to be on time.

Favorite city in the world?
Florence, Italy.  I spent a Summer there in 2003 and absolutely fell in love with the city and everything it had to offer.  Can’t wait to go back!

On the weekends, you can find me:
Spending time with my family and playing a round of golf!

If you’d like to connect with Mike and discuss how your organization can benefit from Duuzra and utilize our features, feel free to shoot him a message at info@duuzra.com! See you next time on the blog!


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