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‘Silence’ in business can occur in a myriad of different situations; from working with clients or asking for consensus from colleagues, it is very common that not everyone will provide an answer or be able to engage as you would like — but does it really mean that they are not interested, or do not want to participate or know further information? No! In the fast-paced world in which we live, people have less time to spend on reading and responding, so instead we constantly need to adapt and think of ways in which we can best engage with various stakeholders and obtain the response that we hoped for.

Below are two sales and events management scenarios that are probably familiar to you:

Scenario 1:

You have received a lead from your company’s website and quickly follow up with a business presentation as the customer’s email was written with great interest. Since this initial email was sent, you have followed up twice, however, have still not heard from them or know if they have even read through your business presentation at all.

Scenario 2:

At the end of a conference, it is clear that the delegates are tired after taking in a lot of information throughout the day.
The speaker has finished their presentation and asked if anyone has any questions. Silence filled the room and the speaker had to swiftly move on and conclude, which seemed to be a wasted opportunity.

At Duuzra, our clients often come to us with similar situations, and we are able to provide various solutions, some of which have been outlined below.

Firstly, once our customized application that has been created for your business has been sent to your relevant stakeholder, we can provide you with analytical data that can provide insights into what content or information has been viewed by each person. This can in turn help to plan your next course of action.

We can also help to keep your users engaged with our live interaction features. In addition to the real-time polling and feedback forms, we are able to create mini quizzes or games as another means of involving your audience, testing their knowledge on various subjects and creating a more fun meeting or event. Our ‘Ask a Question’ feature is particularly popular as it allows users to ask questions at any point without disturbing a live meeting or if they are too shy to speak in front of others. Again, we can provide detailed analytics and interaction data.

There are many ways for someone to perceive a statement or a behaviour of an individual and to jump to a conclusion, however we can aid in providing evidence that supports the reasons behind these assumptions and can consequently help make correct future business decisions or clarify the next course of action for you.

Before your next conversation, speak with us at Duuzra. We are always happy to provide a cost-free consultation that will help you to silently observe your customers — be it they have been silent or not. (Click here to read more on our previous article about Better Data, Better Business Decisions)