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Events/Meetings features

As a meeting and event planner, your goal is to create meaningful and memorable learning experiences for attendees. With thoughtful planning, consistent communication, and teamwork, this can be achieved. But have you ever stopped to think about the value of gathering data from your attendees? The exchange of knowledge can be a two-way street by introducing a new dimension to your sessions.

Traditionally when we think of conferences, we think of keynote speakers, general sessions, breakouts, etc… all of which consist of industry leaders or specialists speaking to a crowd, disseminating insightful information that will enlighten those attending. With Duuzra’s interactive features, like polling, hotspots, and evaluation forms, new data is created that will benefit the hosting conference company and generate return on investment. Information such as, your attendee demographic, their experience, level/number of years in the field, specific industry knowledge and opinion can all be retrieved from the application.


One aspect that is being introduced into events and meetings more and more, is gamification. This is a mechanism to facilitate data gathering via interactive engagement. Here at Duuzra, we can provide pre-made games or activities which are configured to align with the theme of your events and meetings. We also pride ourselves on a flexible approach to enhance user experience through bespoke customisation of our software when required.

Below we explore a number of examples of gamification that you may want to consider for your next meeting/ event:

  1. Escape room

Attendees get locked up in a digitalized room and they must escape from the room by finding objects, clues, and using them to escape. An example of this is the virtual operating theatre, by conducting the correct medical procedure the user can complete the operation successfully and leave the theatre.

  1. Jeopardy-style quiz

This is a point-based quiz where attendees can choose how many points they are willing to risk. If they get the question correct they gain points, but if they guess incorrectly, they will lose this same value. The harder the question is the higher amount of points they could win or lose!

  1. Timed quiz

Attendees will have to not only select the correct answer but answer as quickly as possible to get maximum points. A leaderboard on-screen updates after each round of questions.

  1. Decision Tree Analysis

This is an intuitive, self-guided tool where attendees will get to navigate between several courses of pre-determined action. This provides a highly effective structure where the client can lay out options and investigate the possible outcomes of choosing them.

  1. Participation leaderboard

If there isn’t always time to allow for a specific game, but if interaction is a key part of your objective we would suggest our leaderboard which awards points based on the number of interactions the user makes. This creates a live feed to show how engaged your audience members are and encourages everyone to contribute their answers, opinions, and questions. Nothing like a little healthy competition!

Benefits of Gamifying

Gamification can enhance your event in various ways, below we have summarised 3 of the main objectives it can help you to meet;

  1. Increase engagement from your attendees

At the heart of every corporate event, there will be some form of knowledge (content) transfer. You would probably like those in attendance to understand the value of this content in the hope that this resonates with them and they complete the required action post meeting — i.e. buy a product, sign up for a service, retain learned information, implement new practices, etc.

Gamification brings your content to another level as it piques your attendees’ interest and creates excitement. This can be furthered still by introducing live interactivity in the form of game-based instant results or leaderboards, enabling you to interact with your attendees in a more expressive manner whilst allowing the entire audience to feel more included, involved and in turn engaged.

  1. Drive understanding of your message

To continue the theme, the successful leveraging of app-based gamification at your event can also help to drive awareness and advocacy of your organisation in a multitude of ways. Repurposing or reinterpreting existing content in a gamified setting can help to present your key messages in a unique, fun way leading not only to increased levels of interaction but also understanding. Similarly, a competitive element can help to drive discussion and collaboration with the rewarding of points or prizes adding a constant incentive to make the most of the users’ time at the meeting and engage with your content.

  1. Make it memorable

Attendees who enjoy your content will remember it. Gamification is an easy way to introduce this element of fun whilst keeping the event on message. What’s more interaction aids recall of information in ways simply talking to your audience will not; as Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

These benefits are apparent from the engagement summary and detailed reports that Duuzra generates. Our system provides tangible data which allows our clients to drill down to an individual level and review gamification outcomes for each user. This personalised knowledge base can be used to measure the success of the event against the set objectives and influence future initiatives.

Learn more about how you can use gamification to enhance your events, get your free demo here. (Click here to read more on our previous article about How to tackle silence within the business environment)