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Duuzra Virtual Events gives you the capability to present to a large audience and therefore simultaneously harvesting quantifiable data that will improve your business strategies.

It is common fact that most people judge the success of a virtual event on the technical difficulties alone — if it went smooth, then it must be a success! But shouldn’t you want more? Running a virtual event shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on the integral components of a live event such as delegate feedback, comprehension statistics and Q&A. Afterall, these form the important business data that you need to continuously grow and improve.

Many virtual conference platforms do not have the capabilities to share content and generate data during a meeting, but at Duuzra we use split screen technology and smart data analytics to do just that.

Studies say that adults remember 30% of what they hear, 40% of what they see and 80% of what they hear, say and DO!

Duuzra puts the DO into your event by placing emphasis on audience interaction which is then turned into measurable data that you can feed back into your business. As direct audience interaction is often the best source of data harvesting, Duuzra has created a virtual solution that allows you to host and interact at the same time.

With our built in presenter app, you can conduct polls, hot spot surveys, word clouds and decision trees during your presentation, giving you greater understanding of your audience’s comprehension and interest levels. Throughout the entire session, Duuzra can harvest the data collected during the virtual interaction and browsing patterns which are then presented in an analytical report tailored to your needs. We also offer a unique Q&A feature whereby attendees can pose questions directly to the speaker any time during a session. All questions are logged and can also be included in your bespoke post event report for future reference. This feature not only brings speaker and audience together throughout the meeting but also gives you an idea of what your audience’s thoughts thus generating an experience more akin to live events than virtual.

In addition to live interaction, our engagement panel gives your audience the chance to have their voices heard with our customizable feedback form option. Whether you want multiple forms or just one, attendees can choose to complete them during and after the event has taken place. The questions asked in the feedback form generate insightful information that both informs and benefits your organization — whether it be feedback for future events, business strategy or product feedback, Duuzra can help you harvest the big data that you need to move forward.

Why are post event reports so important for virtual events?

At Duuzra, we would argue that post event reports are an important component for any event, but for virtual events data analytics are even more crucial in determining success. When you are presenting blind or have no direct contact with your attendees it is difficult to gauge their levels of engagement, comprehension and satisfaction. But Duuzra’s split screen technology allows you to strategically monitor engagement and satisfaction, making your more prepared for the future.

The information generated by our event analytics will inform strategic, smart business decisions in the future and can be collected from hundreds of attendees all over the globe.

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Written by: Holly Latham