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Delivering a successful event depends on many things. For speakers, however, delivering a successful presentation that captures audience attention is crucial for selling a product or delivering a message. The ability to judge the room is a vital component for any presenter and should not be overlooked. When you’re hosting a live training session, this is something you can gauge relatively easy; you can sense your trainees’ interest levels, respond directly to questions and monitor their comprehension. These things all impact how well your audience receives and understands your content and inevitably determines the success of your event. But how do you do this when delivering a virtual event?

For a passive audience, conference calls can become a laborious activity and for the speaker, a bored audience risks their event becoming uninformative and unmemorable. It is therefore important that your virtual training sessions offer the same level of engagement as live ones.

Approximately 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. This means that using visual aids will boost your trainees learning and improve memory retention. So how can you make your virtual event more informative?

At Duuzra, we use split screen technology to provide your audience with an interactive engagement panel to follow during each session. Within the engagement panel, you can display a range of content such as PowerPoints, PDFs and various media files which attendees can access at any point throughout the virtual meeting and afterwards. Having a visual aid to support the speaker not only helps attendees follow the session with ease, but also provides a written reference which they can view again and again at any time during the meeting or afterwards. Our software helps you train more effectively so that your audience is guaranteed to learn.

Not only this, our engagement panel allows every speaker to interact directly with their trainees through a number of engagement features. Ask a question lets the audience ask questions directly to the speaker throughout each session putting you in contact with your audience. Polling, hotspots and word clouds promote whole audience interaction by showing questions and answers in real time on the screen. And our bespoke feedback forms gather additional information from your audience both during and after the event. By using these tools, you can ensure that your audience are entertained and engaged during your event by deviating away from the usual virtual meeting setup that, all too often, are repetitive and visually uninspiring.

For your audience, having their voice head can an important part of their learning experience and with our engagement panel your trainees can make notes throughout the session and give feedback both during and after. Not only will this help you identify areas for improvement, but it also generates crucial information that can be used for future training sessions.

Using Duuzra to enhance your virtual training sessions helps increase audience comprehension levels as our live interaction features facilitate learning and retention as well as promote internal communication and questioning.

Finally, you can track the success of your event with our post event analytics which can be tailor made and branded to your needs. Analysing data during training sessions is a great way of understanding your audience’s comprehension of the event as it records poll answers, questions asked by trainees and their in-app browsing data. The information generated is then presented in a bespoke analytical report, highlighting all the relevant information you need to inform your business intelligence or plan your next training session.

Written by: Holly Latham

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