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Working in your bathrobe is a perk, right?

Think again.

As millions of white-collar workers migrate to their respective homes to practice social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, the question begs – Will the same level of productivity will be maintained?

The answer to this will be determined by the mindset and habits of those working from home. And, a big indicator of this is – surprisingly – grooming and dressing practices.

Research has proven repeatedly that dressing for your role increases your productivity. In a recent study from The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, lab coat wearers performed their tasks better and with more attention to detail than those who did not. A simple wardrobe change made all the difference!

So, if you are still trying to maintain your productivity and maybe even increase it (why not?), consider the following tips:

  • Preparation and mindset begin the night before. Set your clothes out — choose something that will represent you at your best, in addition to putting you in a professional mindset. It’s all psychology!
  • Next day — wake up approximately 40 minutes ahead of your regularly scheduled alarm (adapt time to your needs) to allow yourself ample time to groom for the day. Don’t take shortcuts — do so as you would if you were meeting that client face to face, not virtually. Jump in the shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, moisturize, and style your hair. Even spritz on cologne or perfume for an extra skip in your step!
  • Last, but not least, make sure you turn on some music or a podcast that makes you smile while you get ready — something to put you in a positive mood. While your attitude may not be seen, it will be reflected in your emails, your conferences calls, and messages with coworkers. Your bright smile and positive energy will be your greatest accessory to a professional wardrobe.

You will find your perks in the value and efficiency you bring to the table, that will keep your clients wanting you on their team!

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