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“Universities may be at the cutting edge of research into almost every other field,” but when it comes to reconsidering the structure of their own, “they’ve been very risk-averse,” stated Gordon Jones — founding dean of the Boise State University College of Innovation and Design — in a recent New York Times article.

And so, it may have been, but recent events have called us into a new era of education, perhaps at a speed no one could have predicted.

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“With 5G technology becoming more prevalent in countries such as China, US and Japan, we will see learners and solution providers truly embracing the ‘learning anywhere, anytime’ concept of digital education in a range of formats. Traditional in-person classroom learning will be complemented with new learning modalities – from live broadcasts to ‘educational influencers’ to virtual reality experiences. Learning could become a habit that is integrated into daily routines – a true lifestyle.”

And while, there may be a lot of activities we’ve had to put on hold during the Covid-19 outbreak, can we really afford to halt higher education? More than ever we need a highly educated, creative, and innovative population that can help us find cures and build the solutions of tomorrow.

But how to keep students engaged during this time? Because human interaction IS important – which may be part of the reason as to why we’ve taken so long as a society to more fully develop a virtual solution.

If the objective is to get as close to being in a classroom as possible, it will require multilayers of engagement. So, what are your options?

There are several platforms out there that could help you facilitate, but it is all about finding the one that works best for your purpose.

Duuzra is a unique content sharing and engagement technology used to deliver valuable data and analytics around any type of engagement you have. For virtual events or lectures, it can be used for educating, both live and remotely. This would be an ideal option for educators, especially because of the engagement features which allow you to do things like: poll your students to make sure they are awake, collect valuable feedback about what was learned, and to participate in a hotspot that will allow your audience to feel connected by dropping a pin on a collective map displaying wherever they are in the world.

Add a Q&A panel to top it off and answer any questions that come in through the virtual “Ask a Question” portal to better serve your students.

No need to be a tech wiz or a part of Gen Z, because Duuzra professionally manages the whole event and will walk you through it all. This includes sending best practice documents for a virtual event and taking you through rehearsals to show you the step-by-step process.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait to educate – reach out to us at today for more information on how we could assist you in providing a next-level education that will engage your students. To find out more about our Virtual Meetings please go to