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Proceeding with “business as usual” in the event space during tumultuous times means pivoting and making the most of resources. This is why virtual events serve as an amazing and valuable alternative. Yet, if you’ve never attended one, you may be feeling a little lost. Or if you have, you still might need some light polishing.
Here are some tips and tricks to get you in tip-top shape for your next virtual meeting:

1. Turn up your device’s volume

As silly as it sounds, this is a hindrance for many, so don’t feel bad if you’re guilty of this too! Many of us arrive eager to our virtual event only to find out that we can’t hear anything and have missed valuable information.

2. Show up to the event early

Arriving on the dot means you are actually late for a virtual event. Oftentimes, you will need time to login, adjust any settings, get acquainted with the features, and even possibly address any technical difficulties.

3. Mute out when you are not speaking

Be sure to find the mute button and push it. This will prevent any background noise from interrupting the speaker or the attendees from hearing your dog barking or baby crying. Even minimal noise can cause a great distraction.

4. Know when your camera is on and off

Nothing is more embarrassing than making funny faces, eating popcorn obnoxiously, or — worst case — picking your nose while being watched by everyone; no one wants to be captured that candidly!

5. Use the Chat Feature/Raise Hand functionality instead of interrupting

This will prevent the speaker from getting sidetracked and give them adequate time to address the questions during Q&A or at the end of the session. It is also possible that your question will be answered through another presentation, but this will be left up to the moderator to determine.

Now that we’ve covered these basic tips and tricks, you are ready to attend virtual events with the savviness and ease a seasoned pro. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?!

Bring your events and meetings virtual!
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