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For most sales teams, the ability to get in a room with prospective clients and demonstrate their product is key for closing deals. But when travel is not always possible, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the effectiveness of your sales pitch just because you can’t be face to face. Duuzra Virtual Sales Events allows you to present more dynamically when you cannot meet in person by giving you a content sharing platform that is not only on brand, but engaging and informative.

With Duuzra Virtual Events you have everything you need to make a sale at the tip of your fingertips. The ability to push PDFs, Documents and Media during your presentation gives you the power to control what your audience see, when you want them to see it allowing you to host a meeting that is dynamic and informative. Our content sharing functions makes it feel as though you are in the room by bridging the virtual gap between you and your client that so often prevents effective content sharing during virtual meetings. Considering that 40% of people respond better to visual prompts, being able to share specific information at specific times throughout your meeting will facilitate a more informative and memorable sales pitch.

Duuzra Virtual Events software also creates an open line of communication between you and your audience. By enabling the ask a question feature your audience can reach out to you at any point during your pitch without interrupting the flow of the presentation. The communication portal does not disrupt the meeting itself and gives your sales team the ability to respond to audience questions either during the meeting or afterwards. Our data suggests that clients who have used this feature have been able to answer 26% more questions than they would have been able to at a face-to-face meetings where some questions may not have been answered because of time constraints or a deviation from the topic. We understand the importance of having an informed audience, that’s why our ask a question feature is able to record the emails of those asking questions to enable you to reach out to specific persons after your meeting has ended. This data capture allows you to see who was most interested in your product and at what point during your presentation so that you can make the strategic next move that will close that deal.

Finally, our live interaction features turn your sales pitches into data harvesting tools which can aid future strategic planning. Having a centralised information sharing platform allows you to capture data which can be fed back into your business to improve future performance! By using features like hotspots, word clouds and polling you can collect data about your audience such as their geographical location, product opinions or goals which, in turn, can be used to inform future decision making regarding sales and marketing targets. All data is collected and presented in a bespoke data report that we can tailor to your individual needs to ensure that you take the most from every sales meeting.

Written by: Holly Latham

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