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Hello, I’m Jen. I am a project manager at Duuzra.

Three Words That Describe You?

Adventurer, Goofy, Driven

What motivates you to be the best at your job?

Overall satisfaction of an event

An influential person in your life who has made you who you are today and why?

My dad!  He was always up everyday at 6am getting things done, working hard, and doing nice things for other people.

What is the favorite part of your job?

Once I’m done building the clients Duuzra and seeing it all come together. And our weekly meetings where we get to interact with other human beings since we are working at home 🙂

What makes you good at your job?

Dedication and trying to do whatever it takes to make clients happy

What's that one song that puts a smile on your face?

Your Love (Outfield)

Listen to the song

One meal that satisfies your soul?

Chocolate (It’s the best food group)

Three Famous Dinner Guests to join you for that meal?

George Washington, Jesus, Nikola Tesla

What does it mean to be a Duuzran?

Hard working, dedicated team player trying to bring the world a cool and innovative platform to spice up their events!

What are some of your passions or interests outside of work?

Working out, hiking, traveling, books, and movies