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A note from our project manager

The events world has changed a lot in the past year and so has the work we do at Duuzra. As a project manager, being onsite and interacting with clients was one of the best parts of the job. It gave us the opportunity to constantly meet new faces and learn new things. But when the pandemic hit, the world stopped moving and the events industry had to adapt. By listening to what our clients needed, we were able to make the transition to an online streaming and interactive solution which provided the services that our clients so desperately needed to carry on operating as ‘normally’ as possible.

At Duuzra, we see ourselves as more than just an events service provider. We care about our clients’ work and recognise our role in helping them achieve their mission. Whether it be a pharmaceutical company looking to provide medical education or a global hedge fund hoping to predict the market; our events are important to our clients, so they are important to us.

Being on the front line of each event, the Duuzra project management team plays a crucial role in helping our clients grow and I am proud to be a part of that. We strive to build relationships with our clients by understanding exactly what they want from each event, delivering projects on time and harvesting as much event data as we can. We hope to build a sense of trust which allows us to offer our advice and suggest areas of improvement when needed. We listen to what our clients want and feedback to our software developers. As the experts of our own technology, we sometimes push back on ideas that we don’t think will work, offering more practical solutions instead. This is not done out of laziness or ignorance, but from passion for each project and a desire to see it succeed.

Of course, there are sometimes errors – as has always been the case with running live events; for instance technical mishaps that cannot be helped or a low turnout that wasn’t expected. But when these things happen it’s palpable. We feel it just as much as our clients. I do not believe that there is any shame in admitting a mistake, the shame only comes if you make the same mistake again. And that is why, here at Duuzra, we are constantly evolving. We are a hive of information that stores the successes and failures of all events to create a software that is ever evolving, best practices that are always improving and a team that is always learning.

From start to finish a Duuzra project manager will champion each event as if it was their own, helping clients to accomplish their event goals whilst ensuring delegates gain as much from the experience as possible. We do not exist to merely facilitate a process, but to offer ingenuity, design and structure to what can often be a complex and nerve-wracking industry.

Welcome to Duuzra, let’s get this project started.