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The story goes a little like this…

Your business invested $75k into the last industry dinner. Your speakers ensured the presentations were informative, cutting edge and useful for each of your attendees, who’s ranking was not one to underestimate.

The time away from their own executive time could be costing the company tens of thousands of dollars alone

The right questions were asked, and you were able to gather some fascinating insights you were hoping to feedback into your sales and marketing department. Overall, it was a successful event. You made some great contacts who you are now in the process of reaching out to. Your investor relations manager is nurturing those relationships, and you had the chance to jot down a few of the key questions your  audience had asked during the event.

The food and wine went down well. 

It always does. 

You beamed from ear to ear as you observed the plethora of networking activity taking place in the breakout area. 

The problem is, you are due to report back to your CEO who is asking for solid, tangible results to account for the budget spent

Your curiosity leads you to ask how you can gather the data and analytics to back your event? How do you present post-event results in a way that demonstrates the level of audience engagement?

When it comes to the content you lovingly crafted, how can you be sure your attendees were truly with you each step of the way

You have another nine events this year to organize and report back on. 

You ask if there’s an easier way.

Here are some tips for your next event. 

Whether that’s a banking forum, industry dinner, round table discussion or advisory board, the same principles apply. 

Create rich, engaging content.

it’s easy to lose your attendee’s attention to the daily influx of emails. Keep your audience engaged by creating rich, engaging content.

Invite your attendees to participate:  Interactive content such as Q&A sessions, polls and surveys not only help to keep the focus on your agenda but enables you to succinctly collate the data post-event for C-suite reporting. 

Polls, surveys and Q&A sessions set the scene for a conversation, keeping the audience involved throughout the event. Polls help you to determine if your content goals were met by asking pre and post-event questions. You can also set up hypothetical situations to test your audience’s intent, knowledge and ways of working.

Hot topics may be fed back to the marketing department to feed into their strategic content approach, whereas the sales team maybe be interested in particularly engaged attendees who downloaded 2+ pieces of content, asked good questions, or downloaded contact details.

Go paperless: Build a dedicated event app.

The days of paper brochures and analog note-taking via paper notebooks are now signs of times past. 

Today, we want data-backed results with data-backed decisions.

We understand the power of data and analytics for every area of business, and your event is no different. 

Dedicated event-specific apps built for the iPad act as a micro screen, enabling each attendee to engage with every touchpoint of your material every step of the way, whilst honoring the security/confidentiality concerns of your business.

The content you lovingly created need not go to waste, enabling you to extend the lifetime of your content by continued sharing, updates, and notifications with your contacts.

If you plan on using new technology for your conference or meeting, it’s important to choose a tech partner who understands your teams’ needs, and ideally one that will feed high-value data and analytics back into your business in a constructive way. 

Don’t just circulate the agenda, connect your inner world.

Organizing a successful event requires much more than putting an agenda together. Your event is the starting point for many connections, relationships, and ideas thereafter. Not only do we wish to make your event materials as easily as accessible as possible but we also want to create a sense of community and community.

A dedicated event app will enable you to circulate the agenda, directions, and necessary group materials to all participants pre and post-event. This is the hub to share, extend the conversation and connect with your tribe. 

Essentially, this gives you the power to keep everyone in touch, without them having to worry about finding that email you sent several weeks ago in order to find the venue. 

Share your insights, gather your gold.

The event has been a great success and it’s now time to bring all of the data together and report your findings back to the team. 

The Marketing Director is interested to see which topic and presentation gleaned the highest engagement rates, whereas the investor relations manager is already following up on blossoming relationships. 

Poll and survey results are neatly collated into visual graphs, presentations, and PDFs ready to present at your next investor meeting. Done.

Wish it were that simple?

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