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At Duuzra we’re happy to announce the latest releases that have been successfully deployed into production over the last few months. Our focus has been on two main objectives; the return of in person events & continuing to enhance our Hybrid solution.

We have introduced some really exciting features that should add massive value to our clients, including;

  • Permission Groups for content – This allows our clients to have different groups, see different content. The most obvious use case for this is going to be Hybrid events and splitting users between offsite and on site. Remote attendees can see the split screen view that has become so popular, where as on-site attendees can see the normal full screen content.
  • Delegate Messaging  – We have overhauled the delegate messaging feature with some fantastic UI/UX work done by our design team. This has been done in tandem with a user profile, where you can edit profile information for chat walls and messaging, and live notifications in the menu for messages you have received whilst in other areas of the app.

That’s not all though we have made improvements across the board to enhance interaction, design and usability to our platform across all types of events, these improvements include;

  • New Attendee 1 to 1 Messaging.
  • Enhanced Ask a Question Moderation Panel.
  • “Offline Content Login Mode” – have your Duuzra download all images/assets on login so that content is cached for a faster push/response for venues with poor internet.
  • Chat Wall messages can now be deleted by a CMS users logged in on a master.
  • You can now enable “Hide the Engagement Panel” where the user can click the hide/open button. Panel will automatically open if you push something.
  • You can click on a user in the chat wall and open a private message with them.
  • Chat Wall moderation where you can delete specific messages.
  • Search bar for the users in chat wall and messaging

We’re always striving to improve our software so our clients can get the most out of their virtual, live or hybrid events, if you have any suggestions on what features you would like to see added for your next event, or you would like to discuss any of the latest updates above, please contact the team today.

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