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As the world leaders gather at COP26 in the fight against climate change, the time for action is now!


When AIIM announced that only 17% of businesses had gone paperless, we were shocked. After all, this initiative had been around for as long as we (that’s us, the Millennials) could remember.

Firstly, we’re in the middle of an environmental crisis. We considered it a given that we move over to a kinder way of working. ‘Saving the trees’ also equates to saving a heap of time and money. Secondly, we’re knee-deep in the technological revolution, the digital age where we are now able to securely transfer ideas, documents, and reports at the click of a button.

It didn’t make sense. 

Why, we asked, had so few businesses made the switch? And what barriers have they faced along the way? 

With modern presentation tools such as available at our fingertips, why were so many businesses still experiencing ‘death by PowerPoint?’ and why in the Dropbox age are so many offices still use filing cabinets?

‘We need signatures’ we heard them proclaim. Contracts, booking forms, orders: They all require signatures and for this reason, we still require printing.

This is when we realized, it’s not so much the lack of resources and software solutions available to businesses that act as a barrier, it’s the people behind the businesses who are reluctant to change. 

It’s easy to get used to a comfortable way of working. The comfort zone of the paper office can be a tough one to leave behind, after all, you’ve spent years developing and refining your processes. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

We only have to take a look at DocuSign’s recent surge of investment to realize electronic signatures are worth their weight in gold. That’s 15M for those who don’t know. Yes, that’s this year alone. 

Printing for signatures, not so necessary after all.

Here are 8 benefits of moving to a paperless office.

Limitless storage

A cloud-based document storage system frees up your time and space whilst simplifying storage and retrieval. When we consider that every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain, not to mention the number of lost documents they spend their valuable time searching for, making the switch suddenly becomes a storage haven.

Now your documents are securely stored in the cloud you can finally create more space in your office for those additional wellbeing initiatives.

Automated document workflows

The days of routinely having to edit, print and resend documents are gone. Old school IT department data backups? No longer necessary. Not only does all of your work autosave in the cloud, but each document you update will be visible to those who you wish to see it.

Need to update a few documents for compliance purposes? With Duuzra you can log into your system, make the amendments and immediately share with your team. 

Dramatically reduced costs

The estimated cost of filing, storing and retrieving paper for US businesses is between $25bn and $35bn. From paper to printer ink, postage and maintenance, you may be surprised at how much you are spending.

Have you measured your business printing costs? Not only does a paperless office reduce your stationery bill, but it also saves time, which in turn, translates to your bottom line.

Greater security

Cloud storage is advocated by IT specialists the world over and for good reason. Your data is protected with encryption, meaning the front line of defense works to encode it’s users’ data to keep it safe and secure. 

Whilst encryption is a ‘must-have’, you may also wish to choose additional 2-step authentication providing extra layers of security to keep your data on lockdown.

Track your content journey

As our need for business intelligence increases, more and more businesses are looking to track where their content has gone and how many times, if any, it has been viewed.

Your paper documents do not allow for this.

Let’s imagine you’ve just put a few thousand dollars into a traditional marketing campaign; a company brochure to hand out to prospects. How do you know your brochures have been read? How do you measure the success of your campaign? 

Whilst content tracking isn’t an option with all cloud-based solutions, Duuzra ensures your content is centralized, digitized and distributed to those you wish to share with. Accessible by all (if and when you choose, as admin to share), keep your confidential documents on lockdown whilst sharing and tracking every part of the journey.

Once logged in, you can see when your presentation was viewed, and by whom, giving you greater awareness and insight into your business.

Improved remote working.

Going paperless also improves remote working. Now your content is all safely secured in the cloud, there’s little chance of a document going missing whilst visiting clients and customers. 

You won’t need continuously edit, amend and print out each document. You can simply log into your cloud-based system and make the edits on the go, instantly available to send to your clients before your meeting.

A happier customer and employee experience.

With digital transformation being placed as a top priority for the majority of business leaders, those who have yet to switch are getting left behind. Paper transactions are considered slow, time-consuming and unreliable and now we are living in the digital age, our customers and employees expect quick, seamless experiences. 

87% of EU businesses expect to do business digitally. By going paperless, you not only mitigate the risk of losing customers to the competition, but you also improve your customer and employee experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility pays off.

We recently supported a financial event with a focus on sustainability. During the event, investors discussed having groups such as ‘extinction rebellion’ show up at their meetings. The disruption was unwelcome. 

The message was clear: Get down with the kids or lose money. 

According to Reason Digitals CSR Survey, a whopping 96% of those surveyed agreed social and environmental policies are important, whilst in another study, 71% of people think it’s important for businesses to take on social movements.

When we consider the term ‘paperless office’ was birthed in 1964, we ask the question, are you ready to make the move?

How we can help

If you’re ready to digitally transform your company to gain impactful results, we can help.

Duuzra is your all in one content sharing and engagement technology enabling you to centralize all of your data in the cloud whilst empowering your team to track, share and integrate all of your content in one place. 


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