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The value of data has now surpassed oil: Data relating to stock markets, election results, psychographics, polls, and many others hold monumental value across industries, particularly when it has been verified objectively.

How is your business using data and analytics to make strategic and operational decisions?

Data and analytics provide intelligence — information that urges us to make the best decisions based on what our customers truly want.

Finding these insights may feel akin to digging through a haystack to find the golden needle, yet that very needle may just be the next crucial operational decision your business needed to take it to the next level.

Has your data been swept up under the carpet of times past?

With so many departments thriving within the ecosystem of a large organization, communication across teams can suffer, and with it, the sharing of valuable information.

Without a data analytics tool that is able to collate, integrate and present your raw data visually, it’s easy to put it on the backburner. After all, who loves manually sifting through raw data? Perhaps you have the data but haven’t yet taken action on the insights provided.

In such cases, one person is appointed to share insightful updates with every department, giving each project manager and head of department the opportunity to dive in and analyze the stats appropriate to them.

To apply data analytics into business processes, we must first of all come up with a strategy for doing so, tying each piece of information to a meaningful goal. Not only does this enable you to make better decisions, but it helps to increase the productivity of the business. Its 2 hours sifting through raw data versus a one-click report. It’s a no brainer.

If you’re on top of your data and analytics game, you’ll have access to get real-time insights into finance, sales, product development, marketing, and other processes at the click of a finger.

From ‘knowing to learning’.

Utilizing the power of data and analytics, we go from a ‘knowing’ culture to a learning culture, with every decision backed by objective solid stats. B2b businesses of every size are now gradually turning to data to inform the buying journey, and as a result, achieving meaningful growth.

By choosing an intelligent software solution that is able to stand alone in the center of the spider’s web, collating each valuable piece of information into your CMS, you’ve not only saved a heap of time, but you’ve also essentially hired your own personal PA in the form of a tech assistant.

‘Not all businesses are taking advantage of the intelligence now available to us’ says Duuzra Data Analyst Kyle Rowe.

“Just as bricks are necessary for building a house, your data is essential to producing the information that drives and builds the business.  After all, it’s the people, information and data that are a business’s greatest asset. It’s vital for understanding your employees, operations, markets, and customers”

“We wanted to create a data-driven solution that would enable our clients to bring their sales, presentation and events content into one place, with the ability to create project-specific apps and gather thousands of data touchpoints along the way. This is now a reality, and we have over 1.5M users worldwide”.

One simple dashboard.

We’re looking for insightful raw data, that’s easily transformed into visual elements. When the core metrics are measured, the data is then interpreted into insightful pie charts, graphs, infographics and visual elements, each one telling a story of your customer’s behavior. 

Knowledge is power, and power, in the right hands can transform each experience for the better.

How we can help.

If you’re ready to take your data analytics game to the next level, we can help.

Duuzra is your all in one content sharing and engagement technology enabling you to centralize all of your data in the cloud whilst empowering your team to track, share and integrate all of your content in one place. With an intelligent data analytics dashboard, you have the ability to take those silos and bring them into one place, enabling you to make holistic business decisions.

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