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As we enter 2022 the feeling of a new era is upon us. This year holds some positivity regarding Covid-19 and the hope of restrictions loosening, giving promise to an emergence of hybrid events that we thought we would see in 2021. Less restrictions means more travel and greater numbers at events so, here at Duuzra, we are equipping ourselves for the world of hybrid. 

Hybrid has been one of the many buzz words to come out of the Covid era and we are certain that this year will be The Year of the Hybrid. Hosting your own hybrid event offers greater flexibility to your guests as some may still be weary of travelling. It also gives you the ability to have a larger guest list and reach a more international audience. So, check out our tips below for a successful hybrid event:

Content with all that content?

The right content is an important part of any event. Provide too much and people feel too overwhelmed, too little and there’s not enough engaging material. But when you throw hybrid into the mix, the question of what to and what not to provide gets even tricker. For example, you may find that in person attendees need additional info such as venue details, lunch menus or exhibition cards, all of which would be wasted on your virtual attendees.

With Duuzra, you can hide certain pieces of content for specific user groups, both in person and virtually, thus reducing the amount that guests are faced with and ensuring that they receive only the pieces of content that is important to them.

Furthermore, including specific polls or feedback forms for each user group is a great way to harvest data about their experience and thoughts. Not only is this useful for your guests, but it also helps you to collect valuable data about your onsite and offsite attendees, giving all the insights you need for your next event.

A marriage of two halves

Whilst separating your onsite and offsite guests can be great for information sharing and data gathering, we understand that you do not want them to feel divided during an event. It is important that you make all guests feel welcomed and connected throughout and this can be easily achieved through Duuzra’s extensive networking tools and universal engagement.

Encouraging questions from both the floor and the engagement panel is an easy way to make both sides feel like they are contributing to the event. If you ignore virtual questions, you may find that online attendees get bored and start to drop off, so we always encourage hosts to take an even split of in person and remote questions to keep all audiences engaged.

You can also facilitate guest interaction by utilising features such as the chat wall, delegate messaging and delegate directory. Giving the people in the room the chance to communicate with those at home is a great way to bridge the two audiences and provides better networking opportunities for delegates.

Lights camera, action

When setting up a hybrid event, it is important to consider your AV team and what you want to achieve from both a virtual and in person perspective. It’s easy to forget about virtual viewers once you are live so, if your event is a simple plenary session, you may want to instruct your AV team to make the set up as interesting as possible. Creating interesting stage designs with lighting, furniture or background banners makes virtual viewing more dynamic. It also keeps the audience more engaged as the stream feels like a well-produced TV show rather than a poorly recorded assembly. Consider camera positions and speaker placement on the stage and experiment with speakers moving around or sitting static. You will find that these small adjustments not only create a better atmosphere in the room itself, but also virtually.

Similarly, if you are hosting a more complex event with breakouts or roundtables, you might want to consider how to involve the virtual audience in these discussions. Having a laptop in each room that allows virtual viewers to be seen and heard is a really great way of bridging the two audiences. At Duuzra, we can integrate Zoom breakout rooms allowing virtual viewers to be visible and auditable to those in the room.

What’s more, AV doesn’t have to cost the earth! Duuzra have plenty of AV partners both in the UK, Europe, the US, LATM, and APAC so we can ensure your transition to hybrid is simple and affordable.

Do Greta proud

One of the few positives to come out of the Covid-19 era was the effect that lockdowns had on reducing carbon emissions. Business travel accounts for up to 20% of trips in the US alone and this can have a serious impact on the environment, let alone the expense wallet!

Offering a virtual option for your guests can reduce unnecessary business travel, allowing them more time to spend with families, with colleagues and reducing their carbon footprint. As we enter The Year of the Hybrid, we hope to help businesses like yours become more sustainable by reducing the environmental impact of extensive business travel. Of course, it is always nice to meet in person, but now is the time to consider how you can switch your quarterly update meetings or AGMs to a hybrid alternative.

Of course, using the Duuzra platform can also reduce paper waste and printing costs as all your content can be stored digitally and online both before and after your event. So, if you really do want to impress Greta, Duuzra is the way to go.

If you would like more information on hybrid events, you can view our information pack here, or contact the team today at


Written by Holly Latham – Project Manager.