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We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we deliver for our clients, and every team member revels in their success as much as our own. Our strong relationships have been forged through years of consistent, high-quality delivery, and to embrace this weeks theme of love, some of our team members reflect on the love we have for our clients, teams and technology to help power communications through engagement and analytics.



I love the team spirit at Duuzra, it never really feels like you’re on your own. We’re always offering to help one another, propping each other up or even just offering words of encouragement here and there. I think our clients feel this too!

The small things go a long way in the world of events, and little love stories can often take place without you really noticing. For example, a colleague bringing you a cup of coffee knowing you’ve been setting up since the crack of dawn, good luck messages sent by colleagues over a group teams channel or even someone simply offering to check through a colleagues work can show a lot of professional love.

Holly Moore, Account Manager

I Love that our clients are always receptive to ideas to improve engagement and I often recommend our gamification features. It really gets the audience involved and client’s enjoy giving their audience a twist of fun and competition in between executing important presentations.

Carly Ceccarelli, Project Manager

When I first started as a project manager, I used to love seeing our technology in action, and the buzz you feel, as people embrace technology for the first time.

10 years on, that buzz for helping people solve problems and get better results remains and that is why I love working at Duuzra.

Liam Pennington, Global Head of Sales

I love working with a vast variety of different organisations and brands, bringing their vision to life and creating visually striking events.

It’s great to see everything come together, and I revel in the finer details, whether that be enhancing speaker biographies, removing unwanted sounds from OnDemand videos or sourcing more appealing imagery.

It makes the final presentation really stand-out and the clients notice the difference, as well as their audiences.

Scott Ware, Digital Designer

I truly love being a part of the team at Duuzra. The support, guidance and team spirit makes Duuzra a great place to work and helps me excel at my role.

Joanne Woods, Project Manager

The team thrives on making the most of an event through our technology and my favorite part of the process is the initial planning phase…understanding my client’s vision and putting our best foot forward to achieve my clients’ goals.

Recently, a client had concerns about keeping their medical students involved during a long in-person conference and I was quick to suggest our live polling and word cloud features. I was delighted the client took my advice and the interactive segments went beyond our expectations, with plenty of “ooh’s” and “ahh’s”, the segments quickly became the highlight of the event.

It’s extremely rewarding to see a room full of people brought together with our engagement features and seeing it from the groundwork to executed onsite in real world situations makes all the planning worth it.

Marybeth Cahill, Senior Project Manager

I love the partnership with our clients, especially when we collaborate on a solution to bring their vision to reality.

Michael Reid, Head of design

‘We haven’t ordered enough iPads!’ A panicked realisation from our client who’d had a last minute jump in event registrations.

Luckily, our team had the answer and we were able to make a QR code for our mobile app available with instructions so that everyone who attended, even the clients internal team, could still have access and interact with the platform during the event.

We were really pleased to be able to share a quick and no fuss solution at short notice. Our ability to come together to solve these problems and deliver engaging sessions, makes me immensely proud of our teams.

The great feedback we receive from happy clients who love the data we present after the event, is so rewarding.

Stephanie Hopwood, Global Head of client Services



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