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Case Study

Kidney Transplant Centres of Excellence, Preceptorship Programme

Working closely with our Medical Communication Agency client, the Duuzra platform was selected to deliver this important clinical training programme.

Delivered onsite as attendees visited various European hospitals, Duuzra was used to manage the course agenda, provide access to all necessary learning materials and gather feedback. The training app was also used to facilitate practical workshops and interactive sessions with the aim of;

– showcasing ‘centres of excellence’ to the future generation of transplant clinicians
– identifying and sharing current best practice in the long-term management of kidney transplant recipients
– highlighting transplant-associated issues with an emphasis on current and emerging modifiable risk factors
– raising delegate awareness of the ongoing need to further improve transplant outcomes, and demonstrate through practical workshops and clinic visits how they can facilitate access and high-quality patient care, to enhance future clinical practice.

Removing the need for AV support allowed for the immersive and compelling on-site format for this programme.

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