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Athena Release 1.0: Interactive Content Upgrades.

With a whole new redesign for mobile and new and improved white labelling features, your Duuzra has been supercharged with visual appeal, and intelligent data capture capabilities.


Looking for real-time browsing behaviour at your most recent event?

You can now view all browsing behaviour on your white labelled app, whilst using the Duuzra CMS to create a detailed profile of your audience. From an aesthetic perspective, you can now easily:

- Change your background image for instant brand recognition.
- Customize all colors and text when designing your app.
- Encourage 5-star reviews of your content/event with additional design capabilities.

Add your branding assets, choose your colours, and get to work strategizing those all-important questions.

Interactive Polls

Whether online or in-person, getting feedback from your audience on the subjects that mean the most to you can make all of the difference in steering your next crucial business decision.

How do members of your audience operate specific areas of their business? What types of decisions will they make in a real-life scenario? And do you have their backing for your latest research project?

Polls act as a powerful way to gather data and facilitate qualitative research, and Duuzra’s Athena now includes the following poll inspired updates:

- New visual elements including added Donut Chart for data presenting.
- Bar chart options added in addition to Donut Chart for display in-app and data capture.
- Poll select screen interface updates.
- Several chart display options for real-time engagement updates.


Ready to pitch your next ideal client? Video is a powerful way to convey your message.

Simply add your video to the CMS, and share your content with one click.

You may choose to include video in your next presentation, board meeting or at the next event. With 88% of event planners choosing to stream live video this year, you’re in good hands.

Hotspots: Visual Data/Audience Interaction Features.

Hotspots are a great way to engage your audience whilst capturing those all-important data entry points.

With updated design capabilities, you now have full creative reign over your use of concepts, images and colour. Athena’s updated release brings with it a whole new redesign for mobile and added security features to protect your data, at every touchpoint.

Duuzra users collect on average between 5,000 and 25,000 data entry points on their target market, clients and industry colleagues.

The possibilities are endless.

Athena 1.0 Interactive Polls


Athena is now live.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider what’s possible in the new and updated Athena software. 

We have a Duuzra of ‘how to videos’ available for all of our existing clients which we will be releasing online over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the feature updates below.

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