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Whether you’re on your way to a business meeting or looking to update your documents on the go, you demand a multi-device solution across desktop, iPads and mobile.

Duuzra’s Athena 1.0 now accommodates all connected clients, with a new clean, minimalist design for iOs, updated functionalities and greater overall UI.


As we move towards the era of personalization and greater demand for cleaner, leaner design, we’ve made it so you can customize your banners with even greater ease.

With new and updated icons and greater customization options for your event-driven registration pages.

- Updated icons for simpler navigation
- Registration page customization
- New and improved banner customization

Feedback Forms

90% of information transmitted to the human brain is visual, and your interface is no different.

Athena 1.0 update brings new and improved background image uploads, with colour customization, white labelling option and those all-important five-star ratings.

- Background image upload allows for imaging in background
- Colour customization for text and background
- Logo upload for branding
- Radio stars can now be implemented.


With ever greater data & analytics capabilities and the ability to capture real-time engagement, you can now transform your raw data into visually appealing graphs and charts at will.

Here are a few of the latest updates:

- Poll select screen interface update
- Classic Pie Chart changed to Donut Chart
- Bar chart option added in addition to Donut Chart for display in app.

Secure Login

As the first screen your customers, clients or event attendees will see, your login page creates your first impression, and each consecutive data touch point thereafter.

You said customization is crucial. In response, you now have a whole range of updated customization options for your brand including:

- A brand new redesigned login page.
- Text color customization.
- Greater UI capabilities.
- Increased security: Encrypted log in with two-step authentication.


Your agenda for all event-driven apps has now been upgraded.

With enhanced linking and customization options, and a cleaner look and feel, your agenda has never looked and felt so seamless.

- Text color customization
- Background customization of color or image
- Enhanced linking and customization
- 12 and 24-hour clock options

Athena 1.0 Interactive Polls


Athena is now live.

This article is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider what’s possible in the new and updated Athena software. 

We have a Duuzra of ‘how to’ videos available for all of our existing clients which we will be releasing online over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the feature updates below.

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