Data is Business: How to analyse your data to empower your business strategy.

Change is said to be incremental, yet when we consider the number of global innovations that have taken place in the last decade alone, the rapid rate of growth is stark.


Every moment provides an opportunity to understand life from the micro to the macro, from the top down to the bottom up, and data analytics is helping us to answer some of those pressing questions across every area of our lives.

Here at Duuzra, we are obsessed with the process of transformation through smart data analysis.


Qualitative analysis through the medium of engagement and content sharing brings with it a simple, yet powerful form of business intelligence, empowering you to reap great insight, and tell your story in a way that matters.


By alchemising a raw dataset into useful knowledge, you are able to back your story, set the benchmarks and identify the top trends within your organization.

Top Tip #1

Understand the who, what and when of your content.

Depending on the capabilities of the software you are using, you will have a) a macro outlook of the data or b) micro. Duuzra provides both.

By micro, we look to the names, email addresses and (enter your required field here). This is particularly useful when it comes to identifying opportunities. The whattells you what piece of content has been the most viewed/opened, and the who will give you the name of the person and when they opened/viewed.

Why is this important? Firstly you are able to streamline your sales enablement processes by identifying on a micro-scale who is of interest and interested in your business.

Secondly, you gain great insight into what presentations, slides, pages, and articles have been well received, which may then be presented to the power team.

If you work in the sales department, the whenwill be equally as important as to inform your own personal when’ for follow-ups.

Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

Back your story, set the benchmarks and identify the top trends.

Top Tip #2

Present your event marketing data to pinpoint opportunities.

Event marketers traditionally found it difficult to measure the success of their events. This was often due to the fact responses, engagement and interaction were not fully quantifiable.
With Duuzra, you have the opportunity to gather business intelligence on each interaction, making it easy to identify opportunities for your next successful event idea.

Tell your story in a way that matters by presenting the data to back it. Present like you mean it.

Top Tip #3

Spot the patterns of engagement to inform your next big meeting

Had a sales/investor relations meeting?

Whether you are out to sell or present information that is easily digestible, it’s important to understand a) the levels of comprehension and retention and b) if your content encouraged engagement.

At your next meeting, why not dig deeper into your data analytics? If you’re a Duuzra client, spark your curiosity by visiting the analytics section of your CMS or take a look at your most recent report.

Ask yourself what pages/content encouraged the most interaction. At what part of your presentation did you receive the most questions? Did you seduce your audience? What emotions did you awaken? Ask how you can level up from here.

Leading us to top tip #4

Top Tip #4

Ask the big questions, present the most worthy answers.

If you don’t ask the question, the answer will be gallivanting around the sphere of ‘what could have been’. Next time you have a meeting, event or presentation, why not begin with a hypothesis and set your intention to gather answers to your organizational questions?

Software is intelligent; When the best minds come together, ever more purposeful.

Top Tip #5

Understand their browsing data on a micro-scale.

Notably useful if the ‘who’ of who is viewing your content is of high relevance to you. If you are a B2B business with a niche offering, the ‘who’ may just be the most aligned business relationship of the century.

Quality over quantity.: Understanding their browsing level on a micro-scale, you’ll gain crucial insights into the content viewed, and when it was opened/viewed to the second.

Top Tip #6

Present your wins from a regional/global perspective.

Had a worldwide event series and seeking to identify market opportunities from a geographical perspective? If you are a global business seeking to understand the siloes within your own organization, Duuzra makes this possible. Work with our intelligent business analysts and analytics software to understand your wins and challenges on both a regional and global perspective.

Top Tip #7

Plan for Quarter 1 by Identifying the Top Trends.

When it comes to content sharing and engagement, the simplest things can provide the most powerful insights.

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