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Enhance the value of your events with Duuzra.

Increase engagement and discover the value of powerful analytics with a full suite of interactive features, total design freedom and personalised content and agendas.

Optimise your in-person event experience

Promote participation and two way communication with our interactive features that can be pushed directly to attendees devices.

Design Flexibility

With our in house design team your event app will look amazing and on brand

Single App Portal

Centrally store and organize all your content and control who can access what, where and when.

Maps and Floorplans

All event maps in one place making a better event experience for your attendees


Notes are stored against the content on which they were made and can be e-mailed or downloaded.

Live Polling

Polling is an extremely powerful way to gather snap-shot data from your attendees

Surveys and Forms

An easy way for delegates to give feedback and a great way to gather insightful data

Build your own

Duuzra CMS

We simply build all of your content into Duuzra’s Easy to Use Content Management System and create interactive elements around your materials to produce endless analytics.  With Duuzra’s complete design freedom you are always on brand.

Get to know your audience

Powerful Analytics

By combining detailed browsing analytics with data from interactive features, our clients are gaining a deep understanding of their audiences.

Valuable Data Reports can be created in real-time showing how content is being used. This business intelligence helps to:

  • Market more accurately
  • Sell and prospect more effectively
  • Train more efficiently.
Service & Support

Full Support

We don’t just provide another piece of software, we partner with our clients to deliver whatever level of service they require.

  • System Training/Support
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Internet/Wi-Fi instillation
  • Ipad Rental
  • Custom Development/integrations.
Case Study

Gathering valuable data from key clients

For the past 7 years an International Asset Management Company have chosen Duuzra to deliver content, manage agendas, engage the audience and gather valuable data during a series of investor conferences. Sponsored internally by Sales and Marketing, these thought leadership events are designed to facilitate client acquisition and retention.

Insight gained from browsing behaviour, audience questions, form and poll response data, flows back into the business by way of targeted, individual delegate reports. This information is used to help the Sales team communicate more effectively with their clients, generate targeted marketing material and shape future events.



A company really getting to know their audience.

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