Meet our new CTO, Michael Waters

Michael Waters commercial IT experience goes back to the 90s when Join AOL for free disks were found at every check stand and included with every magazine subscription. However, he has long had a love for computers and the IT world dating back to the 80s when he first started coding on his Commodore VIC 20 and cassette tape drives. Starting as a software developer and IT Project Manager, Michael rose up the ranks of IT to where he became accomplished enough to hold the role of CTO successfully for several companies. With a passion for all areas of IT, Michael has been involved in a multitude of projects spanning a career of over 20 years. He has used his skillset and experience to continually work with companies wanting to move into an ever progressing online world and has helped to show them the way. 

With the disruption Duuzra has created in the market and its need for a more senior role in its technology department, Michael was a natural fit. When asked in his interview why Duuzra he quickly replied “Because it has huge potential, but more importantly it’s a disruptor!”  We couldn’t have agreed more and the more we talked the more we realized he was the right fit to help uncork our IT and Development Team and take the department to the next level, where we wanted it to be and where our partners deserved to be.
In his short tenure here at Duuzra Michael has already helped in fixing some of the largest pain points a scaling startup experiences: delivering projects on time as expected and with reliability, producing consistent and reliable results for all IT functions within Duuzra, better external and internal interfacing with Duuzra’s IT department, adding structure and organization to Duuzra’s technology wing, and most importantly moving our software forward to match our outstanding service. There will be much more to come in 2018, and Duuzra is excited to see how Michael will continue to help round out the Management Team and keep Duuzra producing results for its service and software partners.

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