Duuzra Release notes

Release Name - Brontes

Major New Features

Page builder

The page builder has allowed us to officially retire content.duuzra.com. The page builder includes a simple to use HTML editor and has a more intuitive way of creating lists and attaching content

Slide Attachments

Building on the functionality in the CMS to allow attachment of content for master iPads. We have added a tick box to make this content viewable by everyone. This allows any piece of content to be attached to a slide

Ranking drag and drop — Native iOS Only

This feature allows for users to rank statements within a form, the results of which can then be pulled from the backend CMS in the same way a regular form can be pulled. The functionality only currently works on the full service application due to the limitations of drag and drop on the web.

Form and poll presets

CMS users are now able to add presets to the CMS for Polls and Forms. This allows for features, such as colours, images and polling type to be set centrally, rather than per form. This makes creating polls and forms quicker and removes the chances of errors.

Geotracking (Client request)

 A feature that is enabled in the backend CMS to allow the tracking of users logins. When a user is logged into the CMS, their IP address is tracked against the time of login. This allows CMS users to track if users are sharing logins. A full CSV can be pulled from the analytics page and the feature is activated under functionality

Download PDFs from mobile.duuzra.com

The feature has been developed with the main focus of people able to sunset web.duuzra.com. Now within the CMS, there is an option to enable notes downloads. The notes can either be directly downloaded from the app or emailed to the delegate (similar to the document downloader)  

Deliver different images to mobile devices

Within images, CMS users now have the option to send different images to mobile that would fit the entire device screen. This is to work towards unifying the mobile and iOS apps

White label alignment

Previously all white labels were built manually, with no real path for upgrades to be received. We have since overhauled the white label process, meaning that all apps will now build form a single point. The pulling from once source of code keeps us from having to maintain different versions for each client and will save hundreds if not thousands of development hours.

CMS PHP Upgrade

Our CMS was previously running a very old version of PHP. We have since upgraded this to PHP 7.2. This upgrade will have many benefits, including security, speed of development and performance speed.

Feature Updates

  • Sorted My Duuzras list in CMS by recently added
  • Sorted content hierarchy alphabetically
  • Sorted content menu alphabetically
  • Sorted content linker alphabetically
  • Added # shortcuts to the content linker menu #agenda etc
  • Added support for multiselect form elements on projector screens
  • Added saved polling projector screens list
  • Added polling display options. Count votes, percentages and labelling options
  • Improved agenda attachment functionality to including sorting
  • Add form orientation option for iOS. Put banner at the top of the page
  • Improved API calls when receiving Duuzra list
  • Improved API calls when utilising conference mode
  • Improved notes emailing functionality to include fully customisable HTML email
  • Added PIN to entry to iOS app (without conference mode)
  • Improvements to page builder to include font selection and size
  • Added option to remove presentation pane from presentations
  • Added attachment icon to presentation slides on CMS, to easily identify which slides have attachments for master or users
  • Added USA date and time option to agenda
  • Improved agenda navigation. The app no longer browses to the homepage before going to an attached piece of content
  • Removed legacy API that caused issues when loading Duuzra list on mobile
  • Improved mobile form displays. Text no longer cuts off and text is not automatically all capitals
  • Added privacy policy link to CMS
  • Improved login when loading Duuzra
  • Fixed iOS form issue that prevented section breaks not to display
  • Upgraded iOS webview module
  • Changed misleading text on projector screens. Each section used to be labelled form.
  • Removed confirmation message when answering a poll
  • Removed confirmation message when answering hotspot
  • Added marker to show which polling option you have selected on mobile
  • Improved loading times of the analytics page
  • Reduced spinner size when loading media

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wordcloud taking a few submissions before generating words
  • Fixed leaderboard score logic. Scores now add up correctly
  • Fixed Jeopardy leaderboard
  • Fixed form images not caching to device
  • Fixed page builder images/text not caching to device
  • Fixed poll results bug displaying %NaN% instead of 0 when no answers had been submitted
  • Fixed mobile poll results showing bar charts upside down
  • Fixed poll result crash when pushing bar chart
  • Fixed analytics not being sent to server with native app
  • Fixed deploy issue resulting in red rings when trying to load devices
  • Fixed CSRF token errors when trying to change content
  • Fixed bug that would not let user create a Duuzra without PIN
  • Fixed bug that caused the notes generation to timeout
  • Fixed video playback issue with iOS 12+
  • Fixed issue when submitting feedback forms for iOS devices
  • Fixed issue that meant leaderboards could not be deleted
  • Fixed issue that resulted in iOS master crashing when locking content
  • Fixed issue that caused the mobile app not to have a logout button
  • Fixed issue that caused the mobile app not to display notes
  • Fixed issue when trying to push specific poll type (bar or pie)
  • Fixed hotspot pin sizing issue on retina devices
  • Disabled pinch to zoom on page builder items
  • Removed privacy policy from master controls iOS
  • Fixed bug preventing jeopardy game from being created before deploy
  • Fixed issue that sometimes meant forms could not be saved
  • Fixed issue that crashed iPads when navigating away from page builder
  • Fixed issue that caused high server usage when attempting to share a Duuzra
  • Fixed issue with loading of correct font on mobile

Server Optimisation

  • VM optimisation for local events
  • Improved caching mechanics for increased performance
  • Automated VM building process, to ensure all VMs are on the correct version
  • Improved deploy process, resulting in faster deploys