Stand out with great looking sales apps and the freedom to present anywhere


Totally ‘on brand’, always up to date, easy to navigate and share


Everything required to make a sale at the tips of your fingers; Presentations, PDF’s, Videos, Microsoft Documents etc.

Exhibition Stands

Combine brochures and product information with powerful data capture features to help track your opportunities.

Virtual Pitches

Present more dynamically when you can’t meet in person. 



Use the materials you already have to create unique, interactive sales presentations and pitches. Set-up templates or easily build from scratch.



Present in person, remotely via the internet, plugged into a screen at the front of a room or even on the prospects own device.



Control everything centrally, securely share with others and decide who has access to what and when.



Understand how content is being used and provide answers to questions like; What are prospects most interested in?, How are top performers presenting?, Is any material being overlooked?

Digitally Equip Your Sales Team


Coordinate Sales, HR and Marketing activity by using the same tool to present to customers, train your sales team and distribute product information. Let the data being collected flow back into the systems you already have and provide the information needed to make good decisions.

Case Study

Winning pitch for a multi £M framework agreement

A Global Professional Services client selected Duuzra to demonstrate innovation when pitching for a high value, digital transformation contract. They created a mixed media, pitch app to introduce the team, demonstrate credentials, present case studies and visualise their proposed solution.

To move away from the traditional format, the pitch was delivered on iPads supplied to each member of the procurement team. The flow of the pitch was controlled by unlocking content in real time and pushing it out to the individual devices. Content could also be easily accessed and delivered, in a non-linear manner, when responding to open questions at the end of the pitch.

This client now regularly uses Duuzra when pitching for significant projects.

Digital Content


Innovative Format


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