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Marketing Cycle

Our integrated platform collects and collates meaningful data from multiple “live” consumer environments to help you better understand your audiences and their behaviour within a limitless cycle.

One tool, endless possibilities


A CMS that is simple to use but flexible enough to get creative


Publish and update apps without the need for app store approvals


Track how your apps are being used in real time


Powerful analytics and compelling visualisations


A single provider

We know Duuzra is useful for lots of things, but we bet you will find some more. The flexibility of the platform means it can be configured for a multitude of applications, many of which we won’t have even thought of yet.


Turning information into insight

A powerful analytics dashboard means the data being collected can be easily used to help drive effective communication and decision making.

Integrates with your preferred systems

Have a platform the company uses? Don’t worry we can integrate with that

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