The role of data analytics in digital transformation.

According to IDC, 85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant in-roads into digital transformation or they will fall behind their competitors and suffer financially.

Honing in on the data analytics capabilities of our latest update Athena 1.0, we look at the road ahead for those looking to make the switch to a data-driven culture in 2020.

of enterprise decision makers

The value of data has now surpassed oil

Data relating to stock markets, election results, psychographics, polls, and many others hold monumental value across industries, particularly when it has been verified objectively. 

Data and analytics provide intelligence — information that urges us to make the best decisions based on what our customers truly want.

Now we have entered into the information age, the 4th industrial revolution brings with it a demand for valuable data. Making sense of this data to derive actionable insights has been one of our greatest challenges, until now.

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Centralize, share and track all content with precision.

Gather thousands of actionable data touch points with Duuzra

Duuzra Data Analytics Technology pinpoints the most valuable data within your business; Gathering thousands of data points to provide actionable insights on your content and engagement rates.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Duuzra provides a sustainable paperless system whereby the creation and use of data, that traditionally hasn’t been useful in the past suddenly shines a light on your potential.

With Duuzra’s cloud-based content management system, you have the ability to centralize, share and track all content with precision, compartmentalizing valuable information silos for sales, investor relations, events, and presentations.

Combine these silos with your white-labelled Duuzra apps, and you have an eco-system of data pools, bound together to bring you the creme da la creme of your data analytics highlights.

With a data analyst on board to help you to visualize and present your valuable data, you are able to spot the most lucrative opportunities as and when they arise, as well the ability to make truly holistic decisions when all silos are brought together.

Smart data analysis is the key to beating competition: You’ll gain insights into your most valuable content, customers and concepts with actionable clarity across each department. From the top down to the bottom up, each member of the business benefits.

“The number of use cases at the core of a business, on its edges and beyond is exploding. More people want to engage with data, and more interactions and processes need analytics in order to automate and scale.”


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Transitioning to a data-driven culture with Duuzra

A successful digital transformation involves many steps, and, according to Gartner, it begins with developing an effective data-driven culture with a focus on data literacy, ethics, and privacy. Analytics provides the opportunity to create insight and provide answers to your most important questions, which can then be used to achieve improved outcomes through smarter, informed decision making.

“Data literacy, digital ethics, privacy, enterprise, and vendor data-for-good initiatives encompass digital culture,” said Jim Hare, research vice president at Gartner.

Data literacy begins with the collection and visualization of smart, actionable data, and now the rise of the cloud has helped to resolve data infrastructure scalability concerns, we can now focus on gathering and hunting the data that matters.

Duuzra Data Analyst Kyle Rowe looks to the building of a home as an analogy:

“Just as bricks are necessary for building a house, your data is essential to producing the information that drives and builds your business. After it’s people, information and data are a business’s greatest asset.  It’s vital for understanding your employees, operations, markets and customers”

A multi-device


Take your data analytics game to the next level with Duuzra cloud-based data analytics software. As an all-in-one content sharing and engagement technology, Duuzra tracks, collates and presents valuable data touchpoints across every area of your business.

✔️ Achieve your sustainability initiatives whilst developing data literacy.
✔️ Collate your data in our easy to use CMS system.
✔️ Build multiple apps.
✔️ Drive your digital enterprise with actionable data touchpoints.
✔️ Share, track and present your content with precision.

Available on desktop, mobile and iPad, Duuzra is a multi-device software with multiple capabilities. Book an exploratory call today to experience first hand what duuzra can do for you and your business.

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