Product, Product, Product!!!

Product, Product, Product, new AV Suite!  Did we say product?!  As our business continues its additional from an event technology only one, to one of SaaS with a content communication, engagement, and insight platform, our plates had a bit more on them than usual.  This year we made great strides in uplifting the current Version 1 of our software, but even greater strides in getting our new Version 2 product ready for its 2019 commercial beta release.  All of this was done while supporting more clients and client events, product expansion, regional growth, and the addition of new services!

While great service and partnership will always be a foundational piece of our business, we continued our trajectory towards becoming an even better partner that can offer our clients even more.  We are very excited about our Version 2 Beta release because of the greater content interaction and data it will provide, the platform’s do it yourself ease of use, and most importantly because our partners can easily experience a massive value uplift in being able to use our solution for a multitude of business outputs. It’s been a long time coming and we hope that you will give it a try (click here if you want to apply to be part of our beta group).

Finally, we would be remised if we didn’t mention our new AV Suite in greater detail.  As we continue to roll out new software to help our clients consolidate their software needs, we talked with partners and decided to do the same thing with some of our services.  In the spring we hired on an AV Manager, extended our AV Partner Network, and purchased some of our own equipment to make things easier on our clients.  We know how hard it can be arrange an event and how consolidating vendors can make this easier, so we wanted to show our clients we care and help out in this way.

2018 has been busy and one of great strides at Duuzra, we hope it was for you as well!  We look forward to keeping you updated on our exciting journey and hope you will continue to be part of it, if you already are, and will dip your toe in with us if you haven’t tried our software or services as of yet.